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Attorney Certification PDF PDF Fill-in Word
Attorney Certification for Capital Cases PDF   Word


Billing Forms

Attorney Fee Statement PDF PDF Fill-in Word
Interpreter Fee Statement Summary & Worksheet PDF
Interpreter Fee Statement (summary only) PDF PDF Fill-in Word 
Interpreter Fee Statement (worksheet only) PDF    
​Juvenile Appellate Fee Statement PDF
Transcript Fee Statement PDF PDF Fill-in   Word
Travel worksheet PDF PDF Fill-in  
Other forms      
Non-Routine Expense Request PDF PDF Fill-in Word
Seeking Nonroutine Expenses from OPDS PDF    
Lay Witness Expense Receipts PDF
Tips for Handling Lay Witness Travel Expenses PDF    


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Certified Court Interpreter Roster


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Contact Information

Financial Services
1175 Court Street NE
Salem, Oregon 97301
Phone: (503) 378-2478

Angelique Bowers
Budget & Finance Manager
(503) 378-2481

Jenny Carson-Phillips
Accounts Payable Supervisor
(503) 378-6232

Requests for preauthorization of non-routine expenses may be faxed to: (503) 378-4463 or emailed to

Billings may be faxed to (503) 378-4463 or emailed to

Attorney Certifications for both capital and non-capital cases should be emailed to