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Oregon Coastal Coho Project
Stakeholder Team Role, Tasks and Key Questions
The Oregon Coastal Coho Project Stakeholder Team will play a vital role in shaping the future management of Oregon coastal coho. The Team may also provide important feedback to the State of Oregon on the effectiveness of the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds on a statewide basis. For the Team to carry out these two tasks, it will need a thorough understanding of the Coastal Coho Assessment.
Initially, Team members will develop a detailed understanding of the Oregon Plan Coastal Coho assessment during its development by the state. After the assessment is completed, the Team will review and discuss the results, and provide input to the state on issues identified by the assessment that can help improve implementation of the Oregon Plan in the coastal region and statewide. In addition, the Stakeholder Team will work closely with the State and NOAA Fisheries to develop a recovery/conservation plan for coastal coho.
The Stakeholder Team will:
  • track and provide input to the state on the Oregon Plan assessment during its development;
  • provide feedback to the state on the completed assessment regarding issues, ideas or strategies that could improve effectiveness of implementation of the Oregon Plan in the coastal region and statewide;
  • work with the state and NOAA Fisheries to identify recovery scenario measures and management options for an Oregon Coast Coho recovery/conservation plan; and
  • inform their constituents and the public on the development of the assessment, the substance of the completed assessment, and recovery planning efforts.
Key Questions
The following questions should guide Stakeholder Team review and feedback on information from the State’s coastal assessment of the Oregon Plan:
  • Are the information, data and analyses in the assessment presented in a way that is logical and easy to understand?
  • Did the State miss anything in its assessment of different aspects of the Oregon Plan?
  • Are the results and conclusions understandable?
  • What comments and recommendations does your interest group have on the assessment?
  • Does your group have any comments and recommendations on the potential policy implications of the assessment?