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License Audit Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Practice Continuing Education Audit FAQs

  1. Why does the OSBN audit continuing education credits?
    Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) is performing a randomized audit of continuing education of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) for the purpose of assuring continuing education requirements are being met.
  2. Why was I selected for the continuing education audit?
    The OSBN audit is an entirely randomized audit, performed at the time of renewal, of continuing education attested by an active APRN in the state of Oregon.
  3. How often does OSBN audit continuing education for nurse practitioners? 
    As long as the licensee holds an active license, there is the potential for an audit.
  4. How will I know that I have been randomly selected for the OSBN audit?
    OSBN will notify you, via your home address of record, that you are being audited.  Failure to keep your address current with the Oregon State Board of Nursing may result in delay or potential civil penalty.  An address update form may be found at the following link: Address Change Form
  5. By what date do I need to respond to the audit?
    You will have 30 days from the date of the notification letter to respond in writing and provide the necessary documentation to complete the audit.
  6. How long do I need to keep my documentation? 
    APRNs shall maintain accurate documentation and records of any claimed continuing education and practice hours for no less than five years from the date of submission to the Board.
  7. What areas of Continuing Education are subject to audit?
    At this time, OSBN will audit structured continuing education.
    Structured:  Educational offerings for continuing education or academic credit that is offered at the advanced level and related to the specialty practice. Relevant CME credits will also be accepted to meet this requirement.  See Division 50, 54, and 56 of the OSBN Nurse Practice Act for further details regarding approved accrediting bodies for each APRN role. Nurse Practice Act
  8. Can I fax the documents to OSBN?
    Yes. Fax: (971) 673-0652
  9. Where should I mail my documentation?
    OSBN Licensing Audit
    17938 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd 
    Portland, OR 97224
  10. Who do I contact if I have questions regarding the audit?
    Questions may be directed via e-mail to: CEauditquestions@psob4.state.or.us
  11. Will I be notified I have passed the audit requirements?
    Yes. Providing your current e-mail address will expedite response time.
  12. What happens if I cannot provide adequate documentation?  
     You will be notified by certified letter of the next steps.
  13. What type of documents are appropriate to submit?
    The following are some examples of acceptable documents. This is not a comprehensive list.

A. Document of completion

    • Name of licensee
    • Name of provider
    • Name of accrediting organization
    • Title of educational activity
    • Date of activity
    • Number of hours for each activity (pharmacology hours must be specified) 

B. Statement of participation

    • Name of licensee
    • Name of provider
    • Name of accrediting organization
    • Date (s) of attendance
    • Date of course completion
    • Number of hours obtained (pharmacology hours must be specified) 

C. Copy of Certificate 

    • Name of licensee
    • Name of certifying body
    • Date of certification 
    • Expiration date of certification
    • National certification identification number (when applicable) 

D. Copy of Transcript(s)

    • School seal
    • Name of licensee
    • Name of educational institution
    • Dates of attendance
    • Name of courses completed and course numbers
    • Grades and number of credits


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