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Public Disciplinary Actions Taken by the Board of Nursing
Documents Available Online or By Request

The Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) lists final public disciplinary actions taken during Board Meetings held in the past year.  Copies of disciplinary documents are included for each Board Meeting. 

Documents for disciplinary actions taken since August 2010 are also available through the online verification system

To make other public records requests, contact the OSBN office at osbn.records@state.or.us

Public Disciplinary Actions Taken Within the Past Year
To Request a Public Record

As of August 2010, public documents associated with final disciplinary actions taken against licensees are available online as indicated above. 

For all other records, a reasonable period of time, as determined by the Board, shall be allowed for the records custodian or other staff to locate and assemble the requested records. Requests for records should:

  • Be in writing (either U.S. Mail, FAX, or e-mail to osbn.records@state.or.us).
  • Be dated.
  • Be signed (except e-mailed requests).
  • Adequately describe the records being requested.
  • Indicate the date the records are needed.
Fees shall be calculated as follows:
  • Photocopies: Up to 10 pages at no cost, $0.05 per page for more than 10 pages.
  • Actual cost for use of material and equipment for producing copies of non-standard records. Non-standard records include records other than paper records.
  • Labor (includes locating, compiling, editing, or otherwise processing information and records): There shall be no charge for the first 30 minutes of staff time. The labor rate assessed thereafter shall be $20/per hour.
  • If the nature of a request requires the Board to seek legal counsel prior to fulfilling a record request, any fees incurred for review of records, redacting material from the records or segregating the records into exempt or non-exempt records, are the responsibility of the requestor.
  • Actual cost for delivery of records, such as postage, FAX costs, and courier fees.
If a records request fee is estimated to be more than $25, the requestor shall be provided written notice of the estimated amount before the requested records are compiled. The Board will not compile the records until the requestor informs the Board to proceed with responding to the request.
Public records not exempt from disclosure may be inspected during office hours at the Board office upon reasonable notice, but fees as outlined above still apply.