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Advanced Practice FAQs
Practice Address Changes
Click here to notify the Board of Nursing Office of a change in your practice address. Please include your name, your old practice address, and your new practice address. 
Continuing Education FAQs

Link to Advanced Practice Continuing Education Documentation Form

Link to Continuing Education Audit FAQs

  1. I just graduated from my program, and my license is already up for renewal. Do I still need CE?
    Yes. CE hours are pro-rated from the date of graduation (not the date of licensure) from your nurse practitioner or CNS program. You will be required to demonstrate completion of a pro-rated portion of the full requirement. The online renewal system will calculate the number of hours for you if you enter your date of graduation. 
  2. How many hours are required for someone who is not a new graduate?
    • Nurse practitioner = 100 contact hours every two years
    • CNS with prescriptive authority = 100 contact hours every two years
    • CNS without prescriptive authority = 40 contact hours every two years
  3. I have prescriptive authority. How many of my 100 hours need to be specific to pharmacotherapeutic content?
    You will be asked to attest that you have completed at least 15 hours of pharmacotherapeutic content in the past two years. This may consist of independent, unstructured, or structured activities; however, structured activities are the easiest to document in the event of an audit.
  1. Is the 15 hours of pharmacotherapeutic content included in my requirement for 100 hours total, or do I need to do additional hours?
    These hours may be counted towards your 100 hour total.
  2. I don’t have prescriptive authority. Do I need to do pharmacotherapeutic content hours?
    No, this is not mandatory, though you may focus on this content if it is relevant to your practice with patients.
  3. How many of my total CE hours (CNS or NP, with or without prescriptive authority) need to be structured activities? What is a structured activity?
    At least half (50%) of your total CE hours need to be structured. A "structured activity" is a lecture, learning experience, or activity which is accredited and awards a certificate upon completion. Activities which offer graduate level academic, CE, or CME credit which are consistent with the advanced nursing role will be accepted.
  4. Does the Board have a list of acceptable accrediting bodies for CE?
    Yes. As of December 1, 2009 the Board adopted in rule a list of acceptable accrediting bodies for the structured CE requirement for NP renewal. This list can be found in the Division 50 regulations. CNS CE accrediting bodies were adopted in rule September 16, 2010 and can be found in Division 54 regulations.  
  5. How do CRNAs meet the continuing education requirement?
    CRNAs can meet the CE requirement by providing proof of current AANA certification. 
  6. Can NPs or CNSs use their national certification to meet the continuing education requirements?
    NPs and CNSs can use their national certification as a Nurse Practitioner or CNS (such as ANCC FNP or Med/Surg CNS) for up to 50% of their total CE hours. National certification counts in the "structured" category. Proof of national certification must accompany your renewal. A copy of your national certification faxed or sent as an email attachment is sufficient at this time. Some national certifying bodies offer an option to send a free copy to the Board. If this is an option please check "yes" and have it sent to the attention of Advanced Practice.
  7. I just moved from another state which did not require CE. Is CE still required by Oregon to renew my license?
    Yes. Even if your license expires shortly after beginning your practice in Oregon, you will be required to show continuing education hours from the past two years.
  8. What is a "contact hour" and how does it compare to a CME or CEU?
    • 1 contact hour = 60 minutes of instruction
    • 10 contact hours = 1 CEU
    • 1 contact hour = 1 CME
    • 10 contact hours =1 academic quarter unit
    • 15 contact hours = 1 academic semester unit
  9. Are continuing education hours required for my RN renewal in Oregon?
    All RNs are required to receive seven hours of pain management continuing education; click here for more information.
  10. Is it true that I may count precepting a student CNS or NP as continuing education?
    Yes, you may count time spent precepting an advanced practice nursing student in the "unstructured" category. Hours spent in clinical practice, as well as student records review, may be counted.
  11. What type of content is required for CE to count in Oregon?
    CE used to meet the Board’s renewal requirement must be:
    • Related to the advanced nursing population or specialty focus.
    • Given at the target audience level of the advanced nursing professional.
CRNA continuing education hours will need to meet the requirements of the national certifying body, the AANA or be from another AANA approved accrediting body (as evidenced by proof of current AANA certification).

NP structured continuing education hours must be from an accredited body listed in Division 50 regulations.

CNS structured continuing education hours must be accredited by a body listed in the Division 54 regulations.
  1. Does continuing education given to physicians for CME count towards Oregon’s requirement?
    Yes, if it also meets the content criteria above. CPE hours for pharmacists also may be used towards pharmacology hours requirements.
  2. What about CPR or ACLS?
    CPR and ACLS, if they are accredited for CME or CE by one of the acceptable bodies for CE will now count towards renewal of an NP or CNS license.
  3. May internet or self-learning be used to meet part of the CE requirement?
    Yes, provided it meets the content and target audience requirements. Journal reading is considered an independent study activity which may be used to meet the Board’s requirements. The Board advises keeping a log of all self-learning activities. At least 50% of your CE activities may be independent or unstructured.
  4. Which continuing education hours will count towards my national Board certification?
    National Board certification (such as AANA, ANCC or ACC) is issued by a separate organization not affiliated with the Board of Nursing. You will need to directly contact your national organization for this information.
  5. I have two types of nurse practitioner certificates (such as GNP and ANP)? Do I need to do twice as much CE?
    No. The Board will still require 100 hours, but will expect to see them represented in each category of specialty.
  6. Does the Board accredit continuing education providers?
  7. What are the three categories of study accepted for renewal of the CNS and nurse practitioner certificates?
    • Independent (such as reading journals and self study).
    • Structured (CME, CEU, CNE, CPE and other activities for which you receive academic or continuing education credit).
    • Unstructured (such as participation in hospital rounds, case review, presenting or publishing scholarly works, and precepting NP or CNS students).