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New Nursing Graduates
Welcome to Nursing
Congratulations! You have graduated from your Oregon nursing program and are now ready to become a licensed nurse. The following information should help you understand the licensing process and answer most of your questions. If you have further questions, please call the OSBN office at 971-673-0685 or e-mail us at oregon.bn.info@state.or.us.

Licensing Step-by-Step
Step 1
Obtain a Licensure by Examination Application Packet. You probably received this during a Board of Nursing presentation at your school. If not, you can get a packet from your nursing program dean/director. Or, call the OSBN office at 971-673-0685 and ask for an application packet.
The packet contains:
  • Two OSBN information sheets and a checklist.
  • Picture identification form. (Fill-in your name and social security number, and attach a passport-size photograph to the form. Turn in the form to your nursing program dean/director´s office; they will forward the form to us after it has been signed by the dean/director of the nursing program.)
  • Transcript request form. Fill out section 1, and give the form to your school´s registrar office. The form authorizes the registrar to send us your transcript. The registrar may either send us a copy of your transcript, or they can give you a copy to deliver to us an original, sealed school envelope (do not open the envelope--we must receive the transcript in an unopened school envelope). Only a final transcript will qualify you for licensure. To ensure that the transcript reflects your degree, it would be wise to write "Hold for Degree" on the request form.
  • OSBN Application for Licensure by Examination form. Complete the application and send it with the $169 fee to the OSBN office.
  • NCLEX Examination Candidate Bulletin containing a scannable NCLEX Examination Registration Form. Follow the directions in the bulletin and on the form. Send the completed form to Pearson-VUE according to the directions.

Step 2
Once we receive the completed OSBN Application for Licensure by Examination form, the $169 fee and the photo ID form, we review the application for completeness and verify that we have received your transcript from the school. If we have not received your transcript, we check to see if your name was included on the Candidate List sent to us by the school.

Step 3
Assuming we have your transcript or your name appears on the Candidate List, we then go to the NCLEX website to verify you have registered with Pearson-VUE. If your name appears on the Pearson-VUE list of registered examination applicants, we will click the box next to your name, which declares you eligible to take the exam and triggers Pearson-VUE to send you an Authorization to Test letter (or e-mail).

Step 4
Once you receive your Authorization to Test letter (or e-mail) from Pearson-VUE, you may make an appointment to take the exam at one of the NCLEX Testing Centers. You must take the exam within 90 days of receiving your letter (or e-mail) from Pearson-VUE.

Step 5
Take the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN. Good luck!

Step 6
We will receive the results from Pearson-VUE a few days after you take you test and will send you either:
  • your new nursing license, or
  • a failure letter with a diagnostic profile giving you information on how well you performed on the various sections of the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why haven’t I received my results? I took my test three weeks ago.
    We can only release results if we have received your official transcript from the school. If we declared you eligible to take the NCLEX based on your appearance on the Candidate List we received from your school, we need to wait until we receive your actual transcript to send you your results. This is a safeguard in place to prevent us from issuing a license to someone whom, for whatever reason, hasn’t actually graduated from her/his school of nursing.

  2. What if I change my address (or name) after I send my application materials in, but before I take the exam?
    Just send us your new address by US Mail, FAX or e-mail, or call and speak to one of our Customer Service Center representatives. In the case of a name change, send us your old name, your new name and a copy of your marriage license or the relevant page of your divorce decree by US Mail or FAX. We will make any necessary changes with Pearson-VUE, on your behalf.

  3. Who will send me my Authorization to Test letter?
    Pearson-VUE will send you the Authorization to Test letter by US Mail, or, if you have given them your e-mail address, by e-mail.

  4. How soon can I test?
    Once you receive your Authorization to Test letter, you may take the test as soon as the day after your graduation.

  5. Can you give me my test results over the phone?
    No, exam results are only released by US Mail to the mailing address we have on file for you. However, starting two days after your exam, you can check the Oregon State Board of Nursing’s automated license verification service by phone (971-673-0679) or website (www.oregon.gov/OSBN). You may also obtain unofficial NCLEX exam results two business days after taking the exam by phone (1-900-776-2539) or on the web at www.pearsonvue.com/nclex. The cost is $7.95 via the website or $9.95 per phone call.

  6. What do I need to bring with me to the testing center?
    Your photo identification. Remember, the first and last name on your photo ID must exactly match your name on your Authorization to Test letter, or you may not be admitted to the test center. (Middle names don’t count.) This is a safeguard to prevent someone else from testing in your place.

  7. Can I challenge the exam results if I fail?
    The National Council of State Boards of Nursing offers a formal exam review to candidates who fail the NCLEX and question the validity of the failed items on the exam. A fee will be assessed to the candidate for the review (a formal review of the entire exam) and an additional fee for a challenge (of specific items on the exam). The fees are set to reflect the actual cost of review and challenge services. All fees must be paid via money order or certified check payable to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). The fee for a formal review of the NCLEX is $400. The fee for a challenge to an exam item is $90 plus $110 for each item challenged. There is a minimum charge of $200 for one item challenged. If a candidate successfully challenges an NCLEX examination item, all fees paid to the NCSBN will be refunded.

    The NCLEX review and challenge request must be submitted within six months of OSBN’s release of exam results.  The NCLEX review and challenge must be requested in writing, and the NCLEX Review & Challenge form and fee must be sent to the OSBN office.

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