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Digital Player Battery Issues
The issue:
We have received quite a few calls recently from patrons who are reporting an issue with their digital player's battery.  Usually the issue is the battery is not holding as much of a charge as it used to, or the charge is no longer functioning at maximum capacity.  Our Equipment Coordinator is aware of these issues, and has been working on several solutions.  Below is an explanation of the issue's cause and some recommendations to help ensure the best performance from your player while operating on the battery.

The Solutions:
The digital player has been designed to only start the recharging process when the battery charge drops below one hour.  This design feature means the battery will not always recharge when you plug it in.  However, when you plug the player in it will run off the power from the wall, so there is no danger of the player ceasing to function as long as it is plugged in.  If you hear the player announce either of the following messages:   “Battery Low” or “Battery charge remaining 1 hour” you will need to plug your player in for recharging.
Though your player may report a full battery after the NLS recommended 2.5 hours of charging, chances are it is only 75% charged.  We recommend leaving your player plugged in 8 hours to ensure a full battery charge.  Keep in mind that you can still listen to books while the player is charging.
If it is not necessary for you to move your player around your home, we are recommending that you leave your player plugged into an electrical outlet at all times.  This action will not harm or damage the player, battery, or book in any way.  And if you are worried about the financial impact of leaving your player plugged in all the time, the amount of electricity the player may leech from the wall socket when not in use will only amount to a few cents each month.
In the case of a severely or completely depleted battery, the player may not immediately respond when you plug it in to be charged.  The player's battery will need to recharge a little before use.  Leave your player plugged in for a while (up to an hour), then try it again.  If the player still does not respond, contact us.
If you follow the above recommendations and continue to have problems with your digital player battery, please contact TBABS for further assistance.