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Report a Boating Violation
Boat Theft & Dangerous Activity
Keep Oregon's waters safe and enjoyable for all boaters.
Report boat theft or reckless operation, drugs and other dangerous boating activities. To report a possible violation, include the following information in an email to the Marine Board and type "Reporting a Violation" in the subject line:
  1. Activity or crime observed
  2. Date of activity or crime
  3. Time of activity or crime
  4. Waterbody & description of the location
  5. Description or names of persons involved OR the boat's "OR Number," if possible.
  6. Pictures if you have them!

We will review the information with the appropriate local Marine Patrol Officer and decide on a course of action. All allegations will be carefully reviewed. While we accept anonymous information, we do request that you include your name and phone number to assist us in the investigation. All information will remain confidential.
Is there a particular day and/or time when an investigator can call to get more information if necessary regarding your concerns?
  1. Your telephone number
  2. Your email address
  3. The best time to reach you
Privacy: Your personal information is confidential.

Fax & Phone Number
You may also fax information to us at (503) 378-4597, or call us directly at (503) 378-2729.

What action will the Marine Board take?
 Law enforcement stopping a boater... 
After receiving a tip, Marine Board staff will contact you to make sure we have all the necessary information.  Staff will then work with marine law enforcement in the county where the activity was reported. 
If the behavior on the water continues to be unsafe, reckless and causes user conflict, the Marine Board will implement targeted education and outreach methods, first.  If incidents continue to be reported, law enforcement can submit a petition for a new boating safety rule (regulations) to the Board. 
Ultimately, one bad apple CAN put a damper on the fun for mindful boaters.  That's why reporting what you observe is important...so bad behavior can be corrected early, before situations escalate and activities become restricted for everyone.