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Title & Registration Fees for Boats and Floating Properties
Watercraft Fee Schedule - Effective January 1, 2016
Boats using any kind of motor, regardless of length, must be titled and registered in Oregon. Also, sailboats 12 feet and longer must be titled and registered in Oregon. Registration is issued on a two-year calendar basis, with all decals expiring Dec. 31 of the year indicated.  There is no retroactive payment for years the boat was not registered and no late fee for registration.
Calculate the fee at $4.50 per foot rounded up plus $5 for the Aquatic Invasive Species Surcharge.
i.e.  A boat 18 feet 2 inches = (19 X $4.50) + $5 = $90.50 
*Please note that registration cannot be renewed prior to November 1st each year. 

Oregon Title transfer $50
Oregon Title - new boats or Out-of-State transfers $50
Replacement Oregon Boat Title NO change of ownership $25
Replacement Oregon Boat Title with a change of ownership $50
Replacement Certificate of Number $15
Replacement Decals and Certificate of Number $15

Note: A late title transfer fee of $25 is charged for Oregon boat titles transferred 30 days after the date of purchase.

Floating Homes and Boathouses 


Initial Floating Property Title
Initial / Replacement Floating Property Plate
Replacement Floating Property Title NO change of ownership
Replacement Floating Property Title with change of ownership

 Note: A late title transfer fee of $25 is charged for Oregon  floating property titles transferred 30 days after the date of purchase.
Floating Homes are typically homes built on a floating dock.  The home may be a domicile including indoor plumbing and living quarters or a boat house, to protect a vessel from the elements.  If the structure contains living space and the boat well, it is considered a "combination."
Moorages and floating home communities have designated slips that may be used for floating homes or boathouses.  Counties assess taxes on these structures.  The Division of State Lands (DSL) require a permit to place a structure in Oregon waterways.
The Marine Board issues a title and identifying plate for floating structures.  The plate ensures the structure and ownership can be identified by the moorage and law enforcement.

ORS 830.700 Definitions for ORS 830.060 to 830.145 and 830.700 to 830.870.
(2) “Boathouse” means a covered structure on floats or pilings used for the protected moorage of boats.
(4) “Floating home” means a moored structure that is secured to a pier or pilings and is used primarily as a domicile and not as a boat.
ORS 830.850 Identifying plate required on floating homes and boathouses; certificate of title required; fee.
(1)    No person shall use a floating home or boathouse on the waters of this state unless there is affixed to the floating home or boathouse in plain sight an identifying plate with a unique number awarded to the floating home or boathouse by this state.