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Clean Marina Program
What is the Oregon Clean Marina Program?
The Oregon Clean Marina program is a voluntary program working to protect and improve local water quality by promoting the usage of environmentally sensitive practices at marinas. The program provides the opportunity for marinas, boatyards, yacht clubs, and floating home moorages to receive recognition for helping to establish and promote a cleaner marine environment for Oregon.

If a facility is in compliance with existing environmental regulations and uses a high percentage of the recommended best management practices, it can be designated as an Oregon Clean Marina. Such certified marinas are authorized to fly the Clean Marina flag and use the logo in their advertising. The flag and logo are signals to boaters that a marina cares about the cleanliness of Oregon waterways.

The program also provides information to marine facility managers on how to eliminate or reduce the input of polluting materials – such as oil, paint, cleaning chemicals, sewage, fish waste, and trash – into the environment. 

Why Seek Oregon Clean Marina Designation?

Participating in the Clean Marina program is a way to contribute to the protection of water quality for the benefit of your facility and future generations.

The Clean Marina certification:
Gives your facility public recognition for doing its part to protect the environment.
  • Receive a framed certificate and the Oregon Clean Marina flag to fly at your facility
  • Use the Oregon Clean Marina logo on your letterhead, website and in advertising
  • Your facility is listed on the OSMB website with a link to your website
  • Your facility is highlighted as a Clean Marina in Marine Board publications
Makes your facility eligible for free pollution prevention supplies and educational materials.
  • Receive a free dockside oil spill response kit upon certification
  • If you have a fueling station, get absorbent socks, fuel bibs, and no-spill bottles
  • You are supplied with free boater spill kits to distribute to your customers
  • Educational and regulatory signs are provided as necessary
Provides free technical assistance to improve your environmental performance.
  • Non-regulatory site visits, presentations, newsletters
  • Templates for moorage rules/BMPS, Emergency Response Plan, and SPCC Plan
  • Assistance to ensure your facility is in compliance with environmental regulations
  • Invitations to workshops and trainings

Has financial incentives!
  • May be eligible to receive a discount (up to 10%) on marina liability insurance premiums
Additionally, implementing the recommended best management practices may make your marina more aesthetically attractive by reducing odor and visual impairments. Promote your facility as environmentally friendly and attract responsible boaters to moor with you!


How does my facility become an Oregon Clean Marina?
  1. Contact Us!
    Learn about the program and receive program materials by contacting the Clean Marina Coordinator. Download an electronic copy of the Clean Marina Guidebook
  2. Take the Clean Marina pledge
    By signing the Clean Marina pledge, you proclaim your intent to become certified within one year.
  3. Conduct a self-assessment
    Use the appropriate program checklist (floating homes, marinas, boatyards) to evaluate your own facility. If you meet the required percentages, you are ready to schedule a confirmation visit. If you do not yet meet the checklist criteria, contact the program coordinator to see what resources are available to help you reach certification.
  4. Schedule a confirmation visit
    Once you have determined your facility meets the requirements for certification, contact the program coordinator to schedule a visit by Clean Marina program representatives to verify the items checked on the checklist.
  5. Receive your certification
    If the program representatives confirm your facility meets the checklist criteria, your facility will be certified as an Oregon Clean Marina. Congratulations! Enjoy the recognition and other benefits of certification.
  6. Maintain your Clean Marina status
    Confirm annually in writing that you are maintaining the Clean Marina status. Every three years, or if there is a change in facility ownership, the program coordinator will contact you to set up a meeting at a mutually convenient time to reaffirm your Clean Marina status.

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