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Certified Clean Marinas
List of Certified Facilities

These facilities meet the rigorous pollution prevention standards of the Oregon Clean Marina program and have voluntarily adopted measures to control pollution associated with marina operations. This designation is a testament to the marine facility's efforts to do its part to keep Oregon's waterways pollution-free. 


  1. Rocky Pointe Marina and Boatyard, Portland   
  2. Jantzen Bay Marina, Portland
  3. Multnomah Channel Yacht Club, Scappoose
  4. Dikeside moorage, Scappoose
  5. Tomahawk Bay Marina, Portland
  6. Hayden Bay Marina, Portland
  7. Portland Yacht Club, Portland
  8. River Place Marina, Portland
  9. McCuddy's Landing Marina, Scappoose
  10. Island Cove Floating Homes, Portland
  11. St. Helens Marina, St. Helens
  12. Port of St. Helens - Scappoose Bay Marina, Scappoose
  13. Salmon Harbor Marina, Winchester Bay
  14. Rose City Yacht Club, Portland
  15. Port of Toledo, Toledo
  16. Columbia Ridge Marina, Portland
  17. Pier 99, Portland
  18. Port of Alsea, Waldport
  19. City of Depoe Bay, Depoe Bay
  20. Pier 39, Astoria
  21. Waverly Marina, Portland
  22. Odell Lake Marina, Crescent Lake 
  23. Channel Island Marina, Portland
  24. Coos Bay Yacht Club, Lakeside
  25. Pelican Marina, Klamath Falls
  26. Charleston Marina, Charleston
  27. McCuddy's Island Marina, Portland 
  28. Port of Newport, South Beach Marina, Newport
  29. Willamette Sailing Club, Portland
  30. Port of The Dalles, The Dalles
  31. Port of Cascade Locks, Cascade Locks
  32. Big Eddy Marina, Portland
  33. Port of Siuslaw Marina, Florence
  34. Skipanon Marina, Warrenton
  35. McCuddy's Marine Drive Marina, Portland
  36. Oregon Yacht Club, Portland
  37. Cove Palisades Resort & Marina, Culver
  38. R.A. Rasmussen Sea Scout Base, Portland
  39. Waterside Marina, Portland
  40. Kanes Marina, Detroit
  41. Port of Umatilla Marina, Umatilla
  42. Irrigon Marina, Irrigon
  43. Port of Astoria, West Mooring Basin, Astoria
  44. Port of Astoria, East Mooring Basin, Astoria
  45. Port of Astoria, Boatyard, Astoria
  46. Jantzen Beach Moorage, Portland
  47. Columbia Point Yacht Club 1, Portland
  48. Detroit Lake Marina, Detroit 
  49. Garibaldi Marina, Garibaldi
  50. Port of Garibaldi Marina, Garibaldi
  51. Schooner Creek Boat Works, Portland
  52. Embarcadero Marina, Newport
  53. Port of Hood River Marina, Hood River 
  54. Port of Coos Bay, Charleston Ship YardCharleston
  55. Prineville Reservoir Resort, Prineville
  56. Cleetwood Cove Boating Facility, Crater Lake National Park
  57. Rocky Point Resort, Klamath Falls
  58. Port of Gold Beach, Gold Beach 
  59. Port of Brookings, Brookings
  60. River's Bend Marina, Scappoose
  61. Sundance Marina, Portland
  62. Port of Bandon, Bandon *NEW*
  63. Port of Arlington, Arlington *NEW*


Former Clean Marina Coordinator, Rachel Graham (center) with Nancy France, Dockmaster (right) and Sunnetta Ransom, Embarcadero General Manager, (left). Photo courtesy of David Morgan, News Lincoln County.
List of Pledged Facilities
The following facilities have pledged to do their part to keep Oregon's waterways free of harmful chemicals, excess nutrients, and debris and to pursue certification as a Clean Marina within one year:

Facility Name City
Edgewater RV Resort and Marina Foster Reservoir
Lake of the Woods Resort Klamath Falls
Larson's Moorage Portland
Lex's Landing Gold Beach
Lost Creek Marina Trail
Paradise Moorage Scappoose
Port of Port Orford Port Orford
Rogue Landing Resort Gold Beach
Pac Mar Marina Portland
Ringo's Lakeside Marina Lakeside
Osprey Point RV Resort and Marina Lakeside
Lake Simtustus RV Park and Fish Camp Madras
Pelton Park Marina Madras
Howard Prairie Resort Ashland
Warrenton Marina Warrenton
Hammond Marina Hammond

Marina and Boatyard Profiles

Rocky Point Marina, Portland - Certified April 26, 2006
Rocky Pointe Marina and Boatyard is located at the midpoint of the Multnomah Channel and has houseboat, boathouse, open and covered moorage for approximately 250 tenants, as well as a full boatyard. As Oregon’s first certified Clean Marina, Rocky Pointe implements a range of environmentally responsible practices such as heating the workshop with used oil, reusing pressure washwater, treating stormwater runoff with a vegetated bioswale, and using tarps and vacuum-sanders to contain paint chips and dust. Having a detailed emergency response plan and both mobile and stationary pumpouts for public use are a few of the additional practices that helped Rocky Pointe Marina and Boatyard earn certification as an Oregon Clean Marina in April 2006.

Jantzen Bay Marina, Portland - Certified May 9, 2006
Located on Hayden Island in the Columbia River, this covered moorage facility managed by Columbia Crossings boasts 483 slips. Offering free sewage pumpouts to the public, collecting used oil for recycling, having oil-absorbent materials available during fueling, and ensuring boats with “y-valves” have them tied shut while moored, are a few of the actions that earned the facility the Clean Marina designation.

Tomahawk Bay Moorage, Portland - Certified November 21, 2006
Located on Hayden Island in the Columbia River, this marina is the largest facility that Columbia Crossings manages with 781 boat slips. Tomahawk Bay offers many services to the boating community including: free sewage pumpout stations, used oil recycling, and clean and accessible trash containers and recycling bins. They also actively promote clean boating practices by distributing Marine Board publications.

Hayden Bay Moorage, Portland - Certified November 21, 2006
With 304 boat slips, this Columbia Crossings moorage located on Hayden Island has a lot of boating activity.  A few of the items that helped them gain certification were: very clean restrooms and showers located on the docks, used oil recycling, contained garbage bins and recycling, and newly updated and expanded moorage rules and regulations.

River Place Moorage, Portland - Certified November 21, 2006
Located in downtown Portland on the Willamette River, this 108 boat slip marina also became certified during November 2006. This marina is set-up slightly different from Hayden and Tomahawk in that there is no marina parking lot or up-land property.  However, common to all the Columbia Crossings marinas, RiverPlace also offers free boat sewage pumpout facilities.  A new activity started at the marina is that they now have a recycling program in place which helps them to maintain an extremely clean facility for the boating community.

McCuddy's Landing Marina, Scappoose - Certified December 15, 2006
Located in Scappoose on the Multnomah Channel, McCuddy’s Landing Marina has 200 boat and floating home slips. Along with having a free sewage pumpout station, a recycling program, used oil collection, and keeping a gravel parking lot with a vegetated buffer along the water’s edge, this marina went through an overhaul of its written moorage rules and regulations and put together a “Panic File” that outlines what to do in the event of an emergency.

St. Helens Marina, St. Helens - Certified March 14, 2007
With recent upgrades to the docks, a robust recycling program, native plants in landscaped areas, and upgraded marina rules and regulations, this 220 boat slip marina located on the Columbia River in St. Helens passed the programs requirements with high marks. However, during the preliminary evaluation period a required written plan relating to their fuel docks and storage tanks was missing. With a template provided by the Marine Board and technical assistance from the Clean Marina Coordinator, this was easily fixed and now the marina is in full compliance with all federal and state laws. It was a prime example of the free technical assistance a marina can expect when it enrolls into the Clean Marina program.

Scappoose Bay Marina (Port of St. Helens), Warren - Certified March 14, 2007
The Port of St. Helens marina, a 125 boat and floating home marina located in Scappoose Bay, was the first publicly operated Port to become certified into the program!  This marina worked hard to upgrade its written rules and regulations to meet the requirements of the program and started a new recycling program. They also offer a free boat sewage pumpout station and have posted signs informing the public about reporting oil spills and being aware of aquatic nuisance species. Scappoose Bay Marina worked with the Scappoose Bay watershed council to remove invasive blackberry bushes and re-plant with native trees and shrubs and has partnered with local community groups to help maintain the marina grounds. Additionally, the Port co-hosts an annual Earth Day event at the marina park.

Salmon Harbor Marina, Winchester Bay - Certified March 19, 2007
Located in Winchester Bay at the mouth of the Umpqua River, this 500 boat slip marina run by Douglas County became the first coastal marina certified into the program! Salmon Harbor Marina’s staff went above and beyond the programs requirements and did an outstanding job to reach its certification status. To gain its certification status this marina started a new recycling program, and in doing so, built themselves a new recycling center; they initiated new rules regarding the cleaning of fish and the use of fish cleaning stations, established an informational kiosk with clean boating tips for the public, installed oil absorbent “socks” into storm drain catch basins, and developed their “PANIC” file to name just a few of the activities that helped them gain certification.

Port of Toldeo Marina, Toledo - Certified April 16, 2007
The Port, with 36 boat slips, has done great things to help protect the environment. Some of the activities that enabled the Port of Toledo to join Clean Marina Program include a garbage recycling program, updated moorage rules, and signs that help educate marina users about preventing oil spills and aquatic invasive species. The Port also directs parking lot stormwater runoff into grassy areas that exist between impervious areas and the Yaquina River, and collects used oil, antifreeze, and batteries and delivers them to a recycling center.

Pier 99 Marina, Portland - Certified April 26, 2007
This Portland marina with 160 slips is located on the Columbia River. To join the program, Pier 99 Marina added newly installed recycling containers and new signs all around the marina highlighting their rules and regulations, oil spill response procedures, and aquatic invasive species information. In addition, Pier 99 maintains grassy areas between the gravel parking lot and the Columbia River to filter stormwater runoff, distributes of boater spill kits to all of the slip holders, and putting together their emergency response manual or "Panic Preventer" file.

Port of Alsea Marina, Waldport - Certified June 6, 2007
This might be a small facility with only 15 boat slips, but the Port has taken big steps towards helping to protect the Alsea Bay water quality. For example, when the Port upgraded its parking lot, it was sloped in such a way that all of the stormwater runoff would be directed into a detention basin where the water could infiltrate into the soil rather than be directly discharged into the Bay. The Port also incorporated new boater best management practices into their moorage agreement, posted additional signs regarding aquatic nuisance species and oil spill reporting, started a new garbage recycling program, developed an emergency response plan, and agreed to hand out the boater spill prevention kits to the users of their facility.

Depoe Bay Harbor, Depoe Bay - Certified June 26, 2007
This 120 boat slip marina is managed by the City of Depoe Bay and boasts a lot of marine activity in a small compact area. One of the biggest projects that the City has taken on recently was to upgrade and re-configure its on water fueling station. As a result, the all of the fueling components were moved off of the docks and into a new building securely located adjacent to the upland parking lot.  A retractable fuel hose is now used to fuel boats, eliminating the need for transfer pipes that were located over the water. The fuel storage tanks have full spill containment and there is an ample supply of clean-up materials, along with a newly updated Spill Control and Countermeasure Plan (commonly referred to as an SPCC plan). Depoe Bay has also joined the list of other certified facilities that have gone through an update to their written moorage rules to adopt environmental safeguards. In addition this marina maintains a boat sewage pump-out station, started a new recycling program, actively manages fish waste and carcasses (preventing either from entering the Bay), manages a used oil recycling tank, and directs parking lot runoff into grassy areas through cutouts in parking lot curbs. These activities, among others, helped the Depoe Bay Harbor earn its certification.

Pier 39, Astoria - Certified June 27, 2007
Located in Astoria on the Columbia River, Pier 39 is a privately run facility with a long history of being a valued member of the local business community. Pier 39 is a small moorage facility with primarily temporary moorage tie-ups (currently there are plans to build permanent moorage slips at this facility) but they have shown that it does not matter how many boat slips you have to make a difference and show that you are a responsible environmental steward. Some of the many environmental practices that are being implemented at this facility include: a recycling program, updated moorage rules, a conveniently located boat sewage pump-out station, maintenance of an indoor boat storage area that upholds strict environmental protections, and a detailed emergency response plan. These practices, among many others, enabled Pier 39 to earn the status of a Clean Marina.

Odell Lake Resort Marina, Crescent Lake - Certified July 30, 2007
This marina became the first facility to become certified located within the Cascade Mountains. Located on a scenic lake within the Deschutes National Forest, the Odell Lake Resort operates under a special use permit from the USDA Forest Service. This facility blends in well with its surrounding environment; lots of vegetation grows along the lake shore, parking areas are covered with gravel instead of pavement. Additionally, signs are posted alerting marina tenants to be aware of aquatic invasive species and to be careful with petroleum products, and the fuel storage tank is housed within a building with adequate emergency spill containment. The resort staff actively hands out the boater spill kits to visiting users and the written rules and regulations for the marina were updated at the beginning of this year’s boating season. These practices are just a few of the activities that this marina engages in to protect the environment making it a perfect fit into the Clean Marina Program.

Pelican Marina, Klamath Falls - Certified April 14, 2008
Located on the southern end of Upper Klamath Lake, Pelican Marina is the first certified marina in the Klamath Falls area. This 80 boat slip marina, with its recently installed boat sewage pumpout station and other facility upgrades, easily became a certified marina. Included among the newly implemented practices at this site were a new recycling program, newly updated moorage rules, used oil recycling, fire code compliant and environmental responsibly run fuel station, and the distribution of individual boater spill kits.

Port of Coos Bay - Charleston Marina, Charleston - Certified March 27, 2008
This coastal marina is owned and operated by the Port of Coos Bay. With approximately 550 boat slips, this large facility is always busy with boating and fishing activity.  Charleston Marina worked hard to implement new marina polices to meet the Clean Marina standards. This resulted in a complete overhaul of the marina rules and regulations resulting in a very comprehensive and well written document. Some of the existing practices at this facility were recycling and used oil collection, a free boat sewage pumpout station, oil spill response equipment, and the distribution of individual boater spill kits. In addition, new best-management practices have been implemented including parking lot storm drain oil absorbents, aquatic invasive species signage at the boat ramp, and informational signs posted at the fish cleaning tables.

McCuddy's Island Marina, Portland - Certified June 19, 2008
Located within the busy boating community along the Columbia River in Portland, This 175 boat slip marina is in a great position to help promote the Clean Marina program to other non-participating facilities. In addition to the marina's existing recycling program, their newly implemented best management practices included updated moorage rules, posting of signage with invasive species and oil spill reporting messages, development of an emergency response plan, and the installation of new filter inserts in their parking lot storm drains.

Port of Newport - South Beach Marina - Certified August 6, 2008
This large coastal port facility, with its 550 boat slips, is a hub of busy boating and fishing activity. After completing its required projects the Port of Newport was ready to host its certification evaluation in August 2008. With the help of the Marine Board and our Facilities Grant Program, recent upgrades to this marina's boat ramp, parking lot and restrooms were completed, helping to protect the environment. Other newly installed practices the Port has done to qualify for the Clean Marina program included:

  • Increased posting of environmental signage.
  • Re-location of the used oil recycle tank into a newly built enclosed structure.
  • Oil absorbents installed into storm drains.
  • Updated moorage rules.
  • Development of an emergency response plan.
  • Clean-up of the fuel dock and regular inspections and testing of fuel storage tanks and transfer piping.

Port of the Dalles Marina, The Dalles - Certified October 15, 2009
This marina centrally located within the Columbia River Gorge is owned and managed by the Port.  Located at this site is also the clubhouse for The Dalles Yacht Club. A strong partnership exists between the Port and the Yacht Club to manage this marina, with the on-site fuel station being operated by the Yacht Club and the facility maintenance handled by the Port. A mix of 62 boat houses and 25 boat slips exist at this site with a strong sense of community present. Some of the projects taken on by the Port include the following:
  • Construction of a new garbage and recycling station.
  • Posting of new signs at the fuel dock and boat ramp.
  • Development of a Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure plan for the fuel storage facilities. 
  • Updated written moorage rules and regulations.

Port of Cascade Locks Marina, Cascade Locks - Certified August 19, 2008
This marina in the Columbia River Gorge has 37 boat slips and lots of boater amenities. Located in Cascade Locks, this facility has implemented many projects with the help of the Oregon Marine Board over the years. The most recent improvement to the marina has been the upgrade and replacement of the boat sewage pumpout station, and planned for the winter of 2008/2009 will be some upgrades to the boat ramp.  In addition to these Marine Board funded projects the Port has also invested in some oil spill response equipment to help safeguard the Columbia River against spills. The Port has also funded an aquatic weed management project. Treatment of the Eurasian watermilfoil aquatic weed took place in the spring of 2008 and subsequently has made a big impact on the plants ability to re-grow. Hopefully with another treatment in 2009 this invasive plant can be kept out of the marina waters.  Some of the newly implemented projects at the marina included:
  • Recycling containers, not only for garbage recycling but also used fishing line.
  • Installation of the required Clean Marina environmental signage.
  • Updated written moorage rules.
  • Development of an emergency response plan.
  • Environmentally sound maintenance shop practices.

Big Eddy Marina, Gresham - Certified August 26, 2008
This marina located in Portland has a mix of 65 floating homes and 70 boat slips. With newly updated docks and plans to upgrade the parking lots to include oil/water separators, this facility was almost meeting all of the program requirements before even signing up for the program.  Some of the new projects undertaken by this marina to comply with the program were:
  • Newly updated moorage rules.
  • Distribution of boater spill kits.
  • Posted fish cleaning rules.
  • Invasive species and oil spill reporting signs.
  • Garbage and used fishing line recycling containers.

Port of Siuslaw Marina, Florence - Certified October 1, 2008
Located in the coastal community of Florence, this marina earned its certification during October 2008.  With a mix of both commercial and recreational boats and 104 slips available for rent, this facility has almost all of the boater services you could ever want at one location. As is the case with a many of the currently certified Clean Marinas, the Port of Siuslaw was already implementing a majority of the program standards. A few minor tasks to complete and the marina passed its evaluation with high marks!  Here are a few of the many implemented environmental best management practices (BMP) at this marina:
  • New and expanded garbage recycling containers.
  • Updated moorage rules and regulations.
  • Boat sewage pumpout station.
  • Filter inserts in parking lot storm drains.
  • A compliant and very clean fueling station.
  • Used fishing line recycling stations.

Skipanon Marina, Warrenton - Certified December 30, 2008
With 109 boat slips, Skipanon Marina is a facility with a laid back atmosphere and a low impact on the environment. They may not have all the amenities that a larger marina would offer, but you get the sense that the boaters at this facility would rather it be that way. The harbormaster does a great job at keeping this marina running smoothly and maintaining the existing infrastructure even with a small budget. Some of the BMP’s being used by this marina include:
  • Environmental signs posted throughout the marina.
  • Distribution of individual boater spill kits.
  • Newly updated moorage rules.
  • A new emergency response plan.
  • Limited impervious surfaces (gravel parking lot).
  • An on-site oil spill response kit.

McCuddy's Marine Drive Marina - Certified April 2, 2009
This Portland location on the Columbia River has a total of 140 boat slips with an additional 40 boathouses.  As with all of the certified marinas within the state this facility has undertaken an update to their written moorage rules and in addition now distributes out free boater spill kits to all of their moorage customers.  Both of these tasks are very common for marinas to complete as part of meeting the program standards.  To make things easier, both items are provided to marina managers as part of the program technical assistance.  Other installed practices at this marina include:
  • Free boat sewage pumpout station.
  • Garbage recycling center.
  • Updated and well maintained docks.
  • Parking lot stormwater drain filter.
  • Emergency response plan.

Cove Palisades Marina, Culver - Certified September 20, 2010
Located in Central Oregon on Lake Billy Chinook, Cove Palisades Resort & Marina is the first marina owned by the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department to become a certified Clean Marina! The 145 boat slip facility is managed by a private concessioner under the direction of State Park staff. Many services are offered to boaters, from a boat sewage pumpout facility to an on-water fueling station.  Some activities that the marina undertook to become certified were:
  • Updating moorage slip agreements with environmental rules.
  • Distributing boater spill kits at the fuel dock.
  • Posting signage regarding invasive species and oil spill reporting requirements.
  • Managing used oil from rental boats properly.
  • Maintaining a clean shop area.
  • Training employees on emergency response procedures.

Kane's Marina, Detroit - Certified September 2, 2009
The first marina to gain certification on Detroit Lake is Kane’s Marina with its 400 boat slips. Located on Oregon’s busiest boating reservoir this marina is a buzz of activity on warm summer days. It is also a seasonal facility as it closes down after Labor Day when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers draw down the reservoir for the winter months. This is a marina with lots of services offered to the boaters that visit it. Everything from having a fuel dock, a boat sewage pumpout station, recycling containers and an on-site store. New activities implemented were:
  • Development of a Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan.
  • Updates to the rules and regulations for renting moorage slips.
  • Posting appropriate signage around the marina.
  • Implementing an emergency response plan and setting up a training schedule for all employees.

Port of Umatilla Marina, Umatilla - Certified November 17, 2009
Located on the Columbia River this marina with its 130 boat slips is a facility that is located in an area where its facilities services are much needed by the boating public. The fuel dock is the only one on this stretch of the river and its boat ramp, fish cleaning and sewage pumpout stations get lots of use during the summer months. Most of the program standards were already being met at this marina and so therefore only a few minor items were in need of improvement. Newly implemented activities at this facility included:
  • Incorporation of environmental rules into moorage rental agreements.
  • Additional signage at the fuel dock.
  • Recycling containers.
  • An updated emergency response plan.
  • Distribution of boater spill kits to facility users.

Irrigon Marina, Irrigon - Certified November 17, 2009
Located on the Columbia River, this marina had very little to accomplish to meet the program standards. With its 58 boat slips, sewage pumpout station and boat ramp, this facility offers the laid back atmosphere of a small and quiet facility with an adjacent nicely maintained city park. Sometimes less is better when it comes to accomplishing tasks for certification, meaning that with a basic facility a manager only needs to implement a few of the standard best management practices. At this facility that included:
  • Updating the moorage rental agreement rules.
  • Posting appropriate facility signage.
  • Maintaining boat sewage pumpout facilities
  • Implementing an emergency response plan for environmental concerns.

Port of Astoria - West & East Mooring Basins and Pier 3 Boatyard - Certified December 17, 2009
The Port of Astoria has added three facilities to the Clean Marina family. The West Mooring Basin, located 14 miles up the mouth of the Columbia River, offers boaters accommodations, restaurants and shops on-site, and is well suited to recreational boat moorage. The East Mooring Basin, with 82 slips, is a mile and a half up river from the West Basin. The East Basin is home for much of Astoria’s fishing fleet, and is well suited to commercial vessel and recreational boat moorage. Also certified was the 10-acre boatyard and haul out facility where boat owners can contract for repair work with an on-site marine repair business or lease boatyard space for do-it-yourself work. The boatyard includes an 88-ton TraveLift and a boat wash down system enabling boaters to remove algae and barnacles from their boat’s and dispose of wash waste properly. In addition to being in compliance with environmental regulations, the Port of Astoria also provides recycling containers at the marinas, offers boaters the opportunity to recycle their oil, maintains and cleans stormwater catch basins annually, and properly manages fish cleaning tables. Other new practices adopted by the moorage include:
  • Incorporating environmental best management practices as part of their moorage agreements with tenants at the marinas and boatyard.
  • Completing an emergency response plan (PANIC file) for the facility.
  • Posting signs regarding aquatic invasive species and oil spill reporting.
  • Starting a materials recycling station at the boatyard.

Detroit Lake Marina, Detroit - Certified June 8, 2011

Garibaldi Marina, Garibaldi - Certified June 30, 2011
Garibaldi Marina is a private marina located within the Port of Garibaldi. Along with 75 boat slips, Garibaldi Marina also provides an on-water fueling station and a convenience store for Tillamook Bay boaters. The marina uses fueling best management practices to prevent spill and accidents, and also implemented the following new practices to meet the Clean Marina Standards:
  • Incorporating environmental rules for boaters as part of their moorage agreements with tenants at the marinas.
  • Completing an emergency response plan (PANIC file) for the facility and posted oils spill response numbers at the fuel dock.
  • Posting information about aquatic invasive species in the store.
  • Providing Boater Spill Kits (which include the Clean Boater Guide) to customers who purchase fuel.

Port of Garibaldi Marina - Certified June 30, 2011
The Port of Garibaldi is the 11th Public Port District marina to be certified as an Oregon Clean Marina. The Port hosts 277 boat slips and is home to numerous fishing and recreational boats. The Port continues to maintain and clean the storm water catch basins and oil/water separators in the parking lot twice a year,
properly manages the fish cleaning station, provides a boat sewage pumpout and dump-station, and maintains an oil recycling tank. Newly implemented activities at this facility include:
  • Incorporating environmental best management practices into the Rules and Regulations for boats moored at the marina by adopting Resolution #2010-02.
  • Completing an emergency response plan (PANIC file) for the facility,
  • Posting signs educating boaters about aquatic invasive species and oil spill reporting.
  • Creating a new sign to direct boaters to the nearby recycling facility. 
  • Planning to install a waste-oil burner to reuse waste oil for heating in the winter

Schooner Creek Boatworks - Certified December 29, 2011 

Embarcadero Marina - Certified April 20, 2012

Port of Hood River - Certified April 25, 2012

Port of Coos Bay, Charleston Boatyard - Certified May 24, 2012

Prineville Reservoir Resort - Certified August 21, 2012

Cleetwood Cove Boat Dock, Crater Lake National Park - Certified August 24, 2012

Rocky Point Resort - Certified September 11, 2012

Port of Gold Beach - Certified September 13, 2012

Port of Brookings - Certified October 19, 2012

River's Bend Marina - Certified December 21, 2012

Sundance Marina - Certified December 28, 2012

Port of Bandon - Certified August 15, 2014

Port of Arlington - Certified June 4, 2015

Yacht Club Profiles
Multnomah Channel Yacht Club, Scappoose - Certified July 13, 2006
Located in Scappoose, Multnomah Channel Yacht Club sports a mixture of floating homes, covered moorage, and a club house. With the large vegetated dike between the unpaved parking lot and river, runoff from the parking lot is naturally filtered and doesn’t run directly into the water. This reduction of stormwater runoff, the distribution of clean boating information to Club members, and the installation of permanent sewage hookups for liveaboards helped the Club earn certification as a Clean Marina.

Portland Yacht Club, Portland - Certified November 28, 2006 
Portland Yacht Club is located on the Columbia River and has 220 boat slips. The yacht club offers numerous services to its members: they have an oil recycling container, antifreeze recycling drum, sewage pumpout station, and a fuel dock and storage tank that meet all federal and state laws. The Club also uses native plants in their landscaping when they re-plant and upgrade their vegetated areas. These activities, in combination with updates to their rules and regulations, helped Portland Yacht Club gain certification. 
Rose City Yacht Club, Portland - Certified April 12, 2007
This 150 boat slip club, located on the Columbia River in Portland, did an outstanding job embracing the spirit of the Clean Marina program. The existing conditions at Rose City Yacht Club were a prime example of how a marina can become certified without having to implement very many new action items.  Upon the first glance of this club’s marina (you have to be accompanied by a club member to get past the locked gate) it’s very evident that its members take great pride in keeping up a very clean environment. A few of the items helping them to earn certification include a secured and totally enclosed used oil recycling tank, maintenance of a gravel parking lot to help control stormwater runoff, garbage recycling containers, and excellent maintenance of their sewage holding tank. Also noteworthy was the clubs willingness to adopt new rules and regulations that they printed in their annual yearbook, and their great work in customizing the “PANIC” file (emergency readiness book) which they re-named the “HELP” file instead.

Waverly Marina, Portland - Certified July 23, 2007
Waverly Marina is a private marina located on the Willamette River in Portland near the Sellwood Bridge. This 150 boat slip facility joined the program by implementing new projects and having practices already in place that met the program standards. Some of the existing items at the marina were: an easily accessible boat sewage pumpout station (for members only), a fuel station that was in excellent condition, and an oil/water separator located in a stormwater catch basin. A few new items to this marina were: a garbage recycling program, updated marina rules and regulations, a written emergency response plan, signs informing marina members about aquatic invasive species, and distribution of boater spill prevention kits.

Coos Bay Yacht Club, Coos Bay - Certified September 25, 2007
Located in a very scenic location on Tenmile Lake near the small coastal town of Lakeside (just north of Coos Bay), this private club with 60 boat slips is quietly nestled within the forested setting on this part of the lake. Everything about this facility has been done to have the least amount of impact on the surrounding environment as possible. The shoreline of the lake has virtually been untouched except for the small boat ramp and gravel path leading to the docks, the club also actively maintains a garbage recycling program with all other trash being “packed” out after every event held at the clubhouse. In addition, the restrooms have been updated and the septic system leach field has been kept in great working condition. There is virtually no stormwater runoff from the site because there are no paved parking areas, and when members work on their boats it’s done in a designated work area that has minimal potential of impacting water quality. Two added activities taken on by the Board of Directors were to adopt all of the recommended Clean Marina rules into their operational policy and develop a written emergency response plan to be kept in the clubhouse.

Willamette Sailing Club, Portland - Certified August 14, 2008
Located in Portland, this sailing club with 130 boat slips was a very eager participant in the program. Even though Willamette Sailing Club is a mostly non-motorized boating facility, there were still many areas to evaluate that fit into the program criteria. Some of the facility’s features that already met the programs standards were accessible recycling containers, a boat storage area with gravel parking lots, and clean, updated bathrooms. Additionally, the club’s newly implemented best management practices included updated club rules, posting of signs for invasive species and oil spill reporting, native tree and shrub planting on the bank of the Willamette River, and the development of an emergency response plan.

R.A. Rasmusen Sea Scout Base, Portland - Certified May 30, 2009
Located on the Columbia River, the R.A. Rasmusen Sea Scout Base has 20 slips and hosts crews of Scout troops that were eager to join the program. The troop leaders do a great job with mentoring the young adults and teaching them valuable life skills in addition to instructing them on seamanship skills. Working with the base maintenance staff the program standards were being implemented in many different ways. Those include:
  • Managing facility sewage appropriately with an onsite treatment system.
  • Maintain an on-site oil spill response kit.
  • Store and recycle used oil with safeguards to prevent spills.
  • Have posted all the program required signage and implemented necessary written rules.
  • Updated to a more robust emergency response plan with elements to react to environmental situations.

The Waterside Marina, Portland - Certified July 14, 2009
A brand new facility built in Portland along the Columbia River, this marina met the program standards with little additional work. With 70 boat slips this marina is also connected to a newly constructed condo building.  With this facility being located in Portland, there were many construction requirements that needed to be met that help protect the environment, like having adequate on-site stormwater treatment and appropriate native vegetation growing along the river. Additional items completed to meet the program standards were:
  • Updates to the written moorage rules and regulations.
  • Placement of adequate garbage recycling containers on site.
  • Developing a facility emergency response plan.

Columbia Point Yacht Club 1, Portland - Certified January 20, 2010
Columbia Point Yacht Club 1 is a secure, privately owned marina located just inside the entrance to Hayden Bay in Portland. The marina consists of 47 open slips, including 30, 35, and 40 foot lengths. Maintenance is done on a continuing basis resulting in a marina that is an asset to both the owners and the condominium communities that surround it. Recent upgrades and improvements completed during the past summer include electrical, plumbing, lighting, fire lines, and a complete retightening of all fasteners. Slip owners are very concerned about the effects of the marina operations on the environment, and are proud of their Oregon Clean Marina certification. A recently installed flag pole proudly flies the Oregon Clean Marina flag, reflecting the marina’s environmental concerns and efforts to the communities. Work to obtain certification included:
  • Upgrading the marina rules and slip agreements to reflect the environmental concerns.
  • Posting signage regarding invasive species and oil spill reporting requirements.
  • Providing a spill kit at the entrance to the marina for use in an emergency.
  • Updating and implementing emergency response plans.
  • Training all officers and directors in emergency response procedures.

Floating Home Moorage Profiles
Dikeside Moorage, Scappoose - Certified November 4, 2006
This floating home moorage with 32 houses became the first floating home moorage to become certified as a Clean Marina! Located on the Multnomah Channel in Scappoose, this moorage is a small tight knit community that takes pride in keeping a clean facility. Their on-site sewage system is run and maintained by specially trained home owners, they maintain a healthy vegetated buffer area along the channel, and limit impervious areas by maintaining a gravel parking lot.

Island Cove Floating Homes, Portland - Certified December 23, 2006
This 80 slip floating home moorage, one of the Columbia Crossings facilities, is located on Hayden Island in the Columbia River. The very clean garbage containers and recycling bins, along with extensive rules and regulations to protect water quality, helped this floating home community to obtain the Clean Marina certification.

Columbia Ridge Marina, Portland - Certified April 23, 2007
Columbia Ridge is a 50 slip floating home moorage with s lot going for it! A few of the best management practices being implemented at this moorage include: a vegetated bio-swale to treat the parking lot stormwater runoff, new garbage recycling bins, updated docks using recycled plastic composite material, removal of invasive blackberry (replanting planned with natives), the posting of informational signs, and the distribution of the Oregon clean boaters guide to all homeowners. This moorage has also become a partner with Portland State University in helping them to monitor the Columbia River for the presence of aquatic nuisance species, primarily the zebra mussel.

Channel Island Marina, Portland - Certified August 7, 2007
Channel Island Marina, located on the Multnomah Channel in Portland, is another excellent example of a facility that already had existing conditions that meet the majority of the Clean Marina standards! This a small private floating home moorage with 19 homes and 18 boat slips.  Already in place was an impressive garbage recycling program, lots of vegetation growing within the riparian area (the zone between the water’s edge and the upland), and a large stormwater detention basin that collected all of the parking lot runoff for infiltration.  New activities for this facility included an update to their moorage by-laws, posting of signs for reporting oil spills, the distribution of Oregon’s Clean Boaters Guide, and the compilation of an emergency response plan.

Oregon Yacht Club, Portland - Certified October 21, 2010
The Oregon Yacht Club is a floating home moorage with 38 slips located on the Willamette River in Portland. As it turns out this facility was founded in 1898 and started to see club members living on the water in about 1910.  Nowadays it is a small community of people committed to enhancing and protecting the natural environment they call home. At the end of 2005 this moorage completed an extensive riparian forest rehabilitation project. With the help of a grant from the City of Portland, invasive plants and trees were removed, native trees and shrubs were re-planted, and an informative nature trail was built with signage about the project. Continued maintenance is done on an annual bases and this has become a project that the residents of the moorage take great pride in. To become eligible for their Clean Marina certification other activities at the moorage included:
  • Posting signs regarding aquatic invasive species and oil spill reporting numbers.
  • Distributing information to residents on Clean Boating practices.
  • Offering recycling facilities onsite.
  • Updating and implementing a facility emergency response plan.

Jantzen Beach Moorage, Portland - Certified January 7, 2010
Located in Portland on the Columbia River, Jantzen Beach Moorage is the 6th floating home moorage to join the Clean Marina Program. In accordance with the Clean Marina requirements, Jantzen Beach recently incorporated new environmental best management practices as part of their moorage agreements with tenants and with contractors working within the moorage. The Moorage also worked with City of Portland to develop the river bank management plan to remove invasive trees and re-plant with adequate native vegetation. They also host an annual hazardous waste collection event for moorage tenants. Other new practices adopted by the moorage include:
  • Completing an emergency response plan (PANIC file) for the facility and have copies posted at various locations with different staff.
  • Posting signs regarding aquatic invasive species and oil spill reporting.
  • Maintaining clean garbage and recycling facilities.
  • Purchasing and located oil spill response kits throughout the facility.
  • Maintaining and cleaning stormwater catch basins annually.

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