Oregon State Marine Board

Chinook Landing on the Columbia River

Boating Facilities

Your Way to the Water
The Marine Board does not own or operate any boating sites or facilities and instead, relies on willing partners to apply for grants to make needed improvements.

Boating Facility Grants are available to waterway managers of public boating access sites around the state to acquire, improve, and maintain boating facilities that serve recreational boaters. Typical boating improvements include launch ramps, boarding floats, parking lots, restrooms, transient moorage, and other items needed by boaters.
Boating Facility Grant Applications Being Accepted
The Marine Board is currently accepting Boating Facility Grant Applications until 
February 1, 2018 for our second cycle of grant funding.  We anticipate having approximately $800,000 of state and federal funding available during this cycle to renovate, replace or construct public recreational boating facilities.  Review the grant application​ and procedure guide.  Please contact Janine Belleque, Boating Facilities Manager with any questions about your facility project at 503-378-2628.
 ​​​​​Image of Schwitter Landing (Government Island) at sunset