Oregon State Marine Board

Registered Guides or ChartersRegistered Oregon Guide and Outfitter Decal
Lookup Outfitter Guides and Charters to see who's registered to conduct guiding business in Oregon. 

Other resources include www.traveloregon.com, or guide associations such as those listed below.   


Contact the Marine Board at (503) 378-2633 with any questions or to verify if a person is registered as an outfitter/guide or operates a licensed charter vessel. 


Know Before You Go 
Ask to see your outfitter guide's registration card or look for the decal on the boat or vehicle. If the outfitter/guide is an employee, ask for the name of the company. You can verify outfitter/guide registrations with us by calling (503) 378-2633. 
Report any illegal guiding activity using the 
State Police TIP Hotline (800) 452-7888.


Resources for Outfitter Guides and Charter Vessels

If you accept fees or other compensation to take people fishing, hunting, rafting, biking, hiking or other outdoor recreational activities on lands you do not own or control, you must be registered through the Marine Board. Application and other forms are available below. Please call the Outfitter/Guide desk for additional assistance at (503) 378-2633, or e-mail OSMB at outfitter.guide@oregon.gov​


Guide Applicant Requirements:

  • A completed application
  • Certificate of insurance
  • First Aid / CPR Red Cross or equivalent card
  • $5000 Surety Bond (if taking deposits over $100/person)
  • United States Coast Guard Operator License (if operating in navigable waters)
  • Annual non-refundable fee (Oregon Residents, $150; non-residents, see schedule)

Requirements are based on Oregon Revised Statutes, ORS Chapter 704 and Oregon Administrative Rules, OAR Chapter 250 Division 16.


Liability Insurance​

A Certificate of Liability Insurance not less than $500,000 combined single limit per occurrence covering the outfitter and guide and their employees which result in bodily injury or property damage must be current and on file at the Marine Board. The certificate must match the name and/or business name on the application; list the Marine Board as the certificate holder; list the operations (activities) covered and if applicable, the types and number of boats used.

First Aid and CPR

A current certificate issued to the outfitter/guide and each employee or party of interest that meets the minimum standards set by the American Red Cross (Internet courses with no hands-on testing of CPR skills are not acceptable). Contact our office for a list of acceptable providers if you are unsure. A copy of the certificate for the outfitter/guide must be submitted. The outfitter/guide is responsible to make sure all employees carry valid First Aid /CPR certification.


The outfitter/guide must provide the names, addresses, dates of birth, and First Aid/CPR certification expiration dates of all employees, agents, and parties of interest who physically provide or who directly assist in physically providing outfitting and guiding services. Those employees of fishing guides who conduct, lead or assist in angling activities, or operate or assist in the operation of a watercraft used for angling activities must be individually registered as Outfitter/Guides. Prior to providing services, the outfitter/guide must notify the Marine Board by submitting the information by mail, email or fax, noting any additions or deletions of employees.

United States Coast Guard (USCG) Operator License

A valid USCG Operator License must be carried by all outfitter/guides or employees who operate a motorized boat in federally navigable waters of the United States. A copy of the USCG Operator License must be submitted.

Surety Bond

A $5,000 Surety Bond in the amount of $5,000 naming the Oregon State Marine Board must be submitted for any outfitter/guide who accepts deposits more than $100 per person. A deposit is any money accepted in advance.


Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Permit (AIS) – REQUIRED FOR NON-MOTORIZED BOATS

An AIS Permit is required for each 10' or longer non-motorized watercraft in use. In state motorized boats with current registration do not need an additional permit. The AIS Permit fee must be paid separately from the Outfitter/Guide Registration fee. Non-resident motorized boats must pay a $20 Out-of-State AIS Permit fee per boat. ​

Out-of-State Resident Fee Schedule

Arizona: $300, Hunting and Fishing

California: $495 Hunting & Fishing; $150 other services

Colorado: $200 Any Service

Nevada: $300, Hunting, Fishing,

1st Yr.; $250 renewal

Washington: $800, Fishing; $150 Other Services

An outfitter/guide registration does not take the place of other local, state or federal use permits. Outfitter/guide registration is required to obtain a special use permit from the US Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management. 

Providing false information when applying for registration is a Class B Misdemeanor. Guiding without a current outfitter/guide registration is a Class B Misdemeanor. Conviction may result in a fine up to $1,000 or imprisonment up to 6 months or both, and denial or revocation of an outfitter/guide registration for up to 24 months.