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Marine Board's 2011-2016 Strategic Plan Implementation
The Plan is approved and in progress...
Port of Siuslaw
The Oregon State Marine Board (OSMB) is Oregon’s recreational boating agency, dedicated to safety, education and access for all Oregon’s recreational boaters. While this dedication remains as strong as ever, the Board recognizes that boating is changing dramatically with each passing year, and these changes pose major challenges to the agency and to many people who recreate on our waterways.
To position the Board to manage these changes into the future, the Board initiated a broad, statewide strategic planning process and in 2011 issued the Oregon State Marine Board Strategic Plan 2011-2016. It included recommendations, goals and strategies for the agency to pursue over the next five years.  Primary goals include better representation and integration of non-motorized boating in the agency; a framework to review and prioritize needed changes and updates to boating rules; a systematic update to the Board’s law enforcement contract agreements; improvements regarding interagency collaboration, marketing and outreach, and cross-board relationships; and a review of the agency mission and vision statements.
To facilitate implementation of the plan, the Board has designated internal project managers who are developing and leading processes that include advisory committees of internal and external constituents. The Non-Motorized Advisory Group and Mission / Vision Advisory Group include a representative selection of key stakeholders to work toward recommendations to help ensure the agency is serving a diversity of Oregon’s boaters. Meetings and updates will be noted here. Advisory committee meetings are public, will be noticed, and will provide opportunity for public comment.
Summaries of the various teams are included below...
Summaries of Each Work Plan (Strategic Plan Implementation)
Mission/Vision Team and External Advisory Committee:
The goals for the Mission/Vision Team include reviewing OSMB's existing mission and vision and ensure they accurately reflect current and future needs of the entire boating community in Oregon.  This will be phase I.  An advisory committee comprised of OSMB stakeholders will help staff review and propose revisions of the agency mission and vision, as well as create a stakeholder survey to help define our mission and vision for future consideration by the Board.  Phase II is consideration of modifying the agency's name and logo to reflect the mission and vision as determined from Phase I.  
Non-motorized Team and External Advisory Committee:
The Marine Board is funded primarily by marine fuel tax and title and registration fees that creates a user-fee/user-benefit system for motorized boaters.  Boating is changing and more than ever, non-motorized boaters are making use of the waterways.  Mixed boat uses have increased user conflicts and access issues.  
The Marine Board's functions and responsibilities for motorized boats and sailboats over 12 feet are well defined.  The relationship with non-motorized boater operators is less defined and increasingly these boaters seek boat ramps, law enforcement services and frequently petition the Marine Board for regulations that protect or enhance non-motorized activities.  The Marine Board has statutory authority over both types of boats, but is seeking direction on how to best manage, support, enable and encourage these diverse activities.  
The non-motorized team and external advisory committee will be making recommendations on how to best engage and incorporate non-motorized boaters into the future mission of the agency and meet the ever-evolving needs of all boating user groups. 
12-12-12 Meeting Agenda


1-29-14 Meeting Agenda

Rules Review Team and External Advisory Committee:
The Rules Review Committee will work within the agency to develop a needs assessment of rule updates for OAR Chapter 250.  They will develop a systematic rules review process, and will work with law enforcement officers, the public, and boating organizations to complete the review.   
Rules Review Team Work Plan
Web User Group:
The Web User Group is creating a content strategy and website content audit while evaluating other website designs for functionality and features.  They will also quantitatively identify the content boaters seek and use the most current web tools in developing recommendations for a future design, working within the framework of the State's website redesign (oregon.gov). 
Web User Group Work Plan
Website Re-Design Timelines
Administering Change Team:

Administering change is about ensuring the plan is implemented and all action items are successfully executed.  Many of the strategies and action items identified in the strategic plan will fall to the Administration section of the agency to implement -and the action items are diverse...from developing branding concepts that make the Marine Board more recognizable, to improving interagency collaboration and leading initiatives to enhance boating participation.  The Administering Change Team, comprised of all the strategic plan project managers, will integrate all of the various action items into achievable tasks for staff, external contractors and organizations, and volunteers for completion by 2016.  The Administering Change Work Plan will be developed after the other projects are nearing completion of their individual scopes

Project Managers, Sponsors, Champions and External Advisory Committee Members


Strategic Plan Project
Project Manager (OSMB Staff)
(OSMB Manager)
(Board Member)
Internal Advisory Committee Members
External Advisory Committee Members
Mission/Vision Team
Stuart Jantze
Scott Brewen
Jen Tonneson, Jean Quinsey
John Berry, Glenn Dolphin, Katie Phelan, Kristin Nopp, Kristy Smith
Marureen Crawford (Crook Co. Parks), David Lane (ODFW), Mark McCuddy (McCuddy’s Marina, Jon Bock (Lane Co. S.O.), Jim Coker (Lower Columbia Canoe Club), Rob Blickensderfer (Albany boater), Grant Scheele (Grant’s Guide Service), K.C. McCommas (Wakeboarder, Portland), Mark Roth (The Dalles Yacht Club), Trey Carskadon (BDC Advertising/Angler/Former OSMB Board Member), Bruce Koffler (Koffler Boats), Glen Wood (USCGA Flotilla 64), Scott Coleman (Skookum Marine), Bud Shoemake (Port of Toledo).
Non-motorized Team
MariAnn McKenzie
Scott Brewen
Jean Quinsey, Brian Carroll
Janine Belleque, Janess Eilers, Glenn Dolphin, Dale Flowers, Randy Henry
Curt Booher (BLM Prineville Dist.), Darrell Hames (Dragonsports USA), Dave Lingenfelder (Oregon Assoc. of Rowers), Erik Weiseth (Orange Torpedo Trips), Dep. Ernie Fields (Josephine County Sheriff Office), Gina Barstad (Wallowa Lake Marina Inc.), Jerry Davis (Jerry Davis Consulting), Sgt. John Katzenstein (Oregon State Police), Julie Chick (Tillamook Estuary Partnership), Laura Jackson (Portland Kayak & Canoe Team & Oregon Rowing Unlimited), Michael Boles (USFS – Fremont-Winema NF, Klamath Ranger Dist.), Patrick McCullough (Deschutes County Rafter), Ray Hanson (Northwest Rafter Assoc.), Sam Drevo (eNRG Kayaking), Travis Williams (Willamette Riverkeeper).
Rules Review Team
Rachel Bullene, Krista Grenz
Randy Henry
George Tinker, Jen Tonneson
June LeTarte, Jeff Smith,
Dean Bender
(Other content experts TBA)
Web User Group
Cyndi Bolduc
Ashley Massey
Scott Brewen
Carolia Russell, Melinda Harrison, Jennifer Peterson
Usability Studies being organized with NIC USA (for oregon.gov re-design) and with Oregon boaters and boating partners.
Administering Change Team
Ashley Massey
Scott Brewen
Brian Carroll
MariAnn McKenzie, Stuart Jantze, Rachel Bullene, Krista Grenz, Randy Henry, Cyndi Bolduc



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The Oregon State Marine Board was established by the Oregon State Legislature in 1959 in response to the growing popularity of recreational boating in Oregon and in conjunction with the federal Boating Safety Act of 1958.  The Board sets state boating policy and has the authority to enact rules for boat operation.  The Governor appoints five board members for four-year terms with appointments confirmed by the Senate.  The Board is also responsible for appointing a State Marine Director.
The Marine Board's major revenue source includes boat registration and title fees, motorboat fuel tax transfers from the Oregon Department of Transportation and federal grants.  Smaller amounts of revenue are generated from outfitter and guide registrations, cost for the mandatory education card and charter boat licenses.  Expenditures go toward titling, registration and administration, education/information, facilities construction and maintenance and contracts with counties and state police for marine law enforcement services.