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 The Marine Board is dedicated to making the state's waterways safe and enjoyable for a wide range of recreationists and it's our mission to serve Oregon's recreational boating public through education , enforcement, access, and environmental stewardship for a safe and enjoyable experience.  


The Marine Board is funded by registration fees and marine fuel taxes paid by motorized boaters.  No general fund tax dollars are used to support the agency or its programs.  Boater-paid fees go back to boaters in the form of marine law enforcement services, boating safety education, environmental programs, and boating access facilities. 

Historical Timeline of the Marine Board -Graphic
Historical Timeline of the Marine Board -Graphic
In 2009, the agency established the Clean Boater Program.

In 2010, Director Scott Brewen took the helm.

In 2013, the agency formalized and revised the Abandoned/Derelict Vessel Program and Outfitter/Guide/Charter Programs. 

In 2014, the Marine Board adopted a new mission, vision and value statements; unveiled a new logo.  The agency also upgraded the registration database mainframe to a web-based registration system to comply with federal Coast Guard reporting requirements.

In 2015, boat registration fees increased from $3 per foot to $4.50 per foot to maintain current service levels for at least six years.  Fees are set by the Oregon Legislature.