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Boat Oregon Advisory Teams

As a component of the Marine Board's l2017-2022 strategic plan, recreational boaters said
they wanted more input into discussing issues, agency policy and strategic planning, so
that's where "BOATs" comes in! 
We've created four advisory teams to help provide input into how the agency can more
effectively serve recreational boaters:
  • Watersports (includes towed activities and racing)
  • Outdoor Sportsmen (anglers and hunters)
  • Cruising (includes sailboats)
  • Non-Motorized (human-powered boats)
 The following individuals comprise each team:
Beth Biggs
Michael Wheeler
Larry Brandt
​Mel Wishan
Allen Field
Steve Baldwin
Colleen Bennett
Larry Payne
Ken Rice
Jimmy Ulrey Jr.
Andy Meyer
Jay Schindler
Greg Pelton
Brian Bay
Brad Howton
​Steve Kiesling
Shawn Karambelas
Gordon Boon
Renee Dykes
Nicole Vertner
David Bulkley
Richard Jacobs
Ken Tennefoss
Laura Jackson
Wendy Puller
Nick Marshall
Steve Carlson
Melyssa Graeper
Joe Zody
Calvin Mason
Karen Jacobson
Jayson Bowerman
Vince Castronovo
Board Liaison:
Brian Carroll

Marguerite Becker
Tanner Preciado
 Board Liaison: 
Jen Tonneson

​Tiffany Levesque
Mary Fleischmann

Board Liaison: 
Val Early​
Aaron Lieberman

Bart Vervloe
Board Liaison: 
Jas Adams

The Boat Oregon Advisory Teams will identify statewide boating issues relating to their use
of the waterways and are charged with recommending initiatives that are congruent with
the agency mission, vision, and statuatory authority.
In 2016, members requested that the Board be invited to engage in the meetings. 
Each Board member was given an opportunity to select a team to observe for a one year
term, with the expectation of rotating teams each year, as a way to better understand the
issues of a particular user group. The Board Chair has the option to be involved with the
dialog in all of the teams. 
Teams will also be exposed to the agency budget and important decisions that need to be brought before the Board.  The BOATs are not decision-making bodies and work voluntarily in an advisory capacity only. 

As vacancies become available, the agency will send out statewide recruitment notices.  Members agree to serve a minimum of three years on a Boat Oregon Advisory Team, if selected.

Meetings will be announced via press releases ​and the public meetings calendar and are open to the public.  
Sign up for the Marine Board's list serv​ to receive meeting notices.  
​Meeting Date/Time/Loc Agendas & Minutes
​June 1, 2017
9 am - 12 pm
Outdoor Sportsmen's Agenda
​June 8, 2017
9 am - 2 pm
​Watersports Agenda​
​June 9, 2017
9 am - 2 pm
Cruising Agenda​
​November 1, 2016
Outdoor Sportsmen's Agenda
Meeting Minutes​
​November 2, 2016 Cruising Agenda
Meeting Minutes
November 4, 2016 Watersports Agenda
Meeting Minutes​
​November 16, 2016
Non-Motorized Agenda
Meeting Minutes
 Image of people enjoying the Clackamas River from the shore and by boat