Agency Info

250-019-0010 (1)
It's the policy of the State Marine Board to promote multiple use and enjoyment of waters of the state for a variety of recreational boating activities.  The Board recognizes and will uphold to the extent practicable the universal right of the public to navigate and use the waters of the state for recreational boating. 

(2) The Board is authorized to regulate through administrative rules recreational boating in specific locations or on specific waterways in the interest of protecting public safety, property, water quality, fish and wildlife resources, or reducing excessive congestion and conflict between users, and promoting the uniformity of laws pertaining to such use.  

(3) The Board will seek to resolve problems arising from or between recreational boating activities on a waterway by using a variety of management measures, including education, information, signing, voluntary restrictions and/or increased law enforcement of existing laws, before acting to restrict public use and enjoyment of recreational boats.  

(4) It is the policy of the Board to exercise its regulatory​ authority based upon sufficient information, public testimony, or evidence which establishes a demonstrated need to enact administrative rules.

(5) The Board will seek the concurrence and recommendations of affected local jurisdictions and authorities before adopting regulations for local waterways.