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The governing Board consists of five members, confirmed by the Senate and appointed by the Governor.  The Board works at the pleasure of the Governor.  The Board also guides the Director in setting state boating policy and has the authority to enact rules for boat operation. Members serve four-year terms and can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.  These are volunteer positions.  All Board members are also recreational boaters.


​Member Name ​City ​Term
Val Early (Chair) ​Brookings ​6/30/2020
​Jas Adams (Vice-Chair) Portland​ ​​6/30/2019​
​​Cliff Jett  ​Rufus ​6/30/2017
Brian Carroll​  ​Albany ​6/30/2017
​Jen Tonneson ​Portland ​6/30/2019

Member Val Early (Term: 2016-2020)Image of Board Member Val Early

Board member Early’s love for the waterways happened at a young age. While sitting on the front steps of the family farm home, she witnessed her father helping rescue neighbors to higher ground by using his tractor to tow whatever belongings he could salvage. This event would later become known as the “Great ’64 Flood,” where many rivers became mini-oceans, engulfing everything in their path. This situation instilled her lifelong respect and fascination with waterways.

Early’s father, Cal Wade, held a seat on the Marine Board in the 1970’s, and through his service, she was exposed to boating issues in Oregon, while becoming proficient in operating drift boats and other watercraft on the Rogue River.  

Early holds a U.S. Coast Guard Uninspected Passenger Vessel License. She also is an owner/operator of Early Fishing, Inc., a fishing guide service that is registered to operate in Oregon, California and Alaska.

In addition to Early’s boating experience she has volunteered with many organizations on river conservation and habitat including the ODFW Fall Chinook Conservation Plan, USFS National Center for Wild and Scenic River Excellence Working Group, Chetco Watershed Council, Brookings Harbor Safe-N-Sober, and other outdoor events that promote fishing, conservation and safety. 

Early hopes that through her role on the Marine Board, she’s able to inspire current and future generations to take responsibility for their behavior, become stewards of the waterways and to increase participation in clean boating programs. Early desires working cooperatively to resolve issues between boating groups and would like to be a part of the conversation that seeks solutions through education or other interventions before asserting more regulations.

Member Jas Adams (Term: 2015-2019)Image of Board Member Jas Adams

Jas. Adams is an adjunct law professor at Willamette University College of Law, where he has taught Wildlife Law since 2002. Jas. also teaches Administrative Law and will teach an advanced legal writing seminar course offered in the spring of 2016. A graduate of Reed College and Boalt Hall Law School, Jas. focused on environmental and natural resource law for much of his legal career. He retired from the Oregon Attorney General’s Office in 2014.

In the 2011 session, Jas. conceived and helped Legislative Counsel draft HB 3399, which created an administrative search model to allow mandatory roadside inspection and decontamination stations for aquatic invasive species (AIS), without criminal liability for those motorists cooperating with the check stations when transporting injurious wildlife. For this achievement he was a recipient of the Oregon Invasive Species' Council's award entitled the "Ten Fingers in the Dikes" award for governmental contributions to invasive species control.

As a representative of the Oregon Attorney General in 2013-2014, Jas. served as a member of a national working group to craft model state provisions to help overcome the patchwork of state and local laws on invasive species. He was a featured speaker on AIS at the June, 2014 annual meeting of the National Association of Attorneys General on Mackinac Island in Michigan.

Jas. was also involved on behalf of the Oregon State Marine Board in responding to challenges to the Marine Board’s administrative rule prohibiting internal combustion motorboats and seaplanes on Waldo Lake. 

In addition to his new role on the Marine Board, Jas. also serves on the Department of Environmental Quality’s Ballast Water Task Force and is also an appointed member of the Oregon Invasive Species Council.

Boating is at the heart of how Jas. experiences the outdoors, and he has been an avid canoeist for 30 years. It all began with exploring the inland lakes on Sauvie Island (the largest freshwater island west of the Mississippi River, with its own river flowing into the Multnomah Channel). Jas. learned to sail on Lido 14’s at a University Sailing Club in his early 20’s and learned to sail larger boats on the Columbia River a few years later. 

Jas. currently owns a vintage 28' sailboat with inboard diesel engine, which he keeps on the Columbia River in a cooperative boat club, where he also serves as Clubhouse Chair. With friends he has sailed up the Washington coast, in the San Juan and Gulf Islands, on the eastern seaboard and in the Bahamas. He has sailed his sailboat from Astoria to Hood River and he recounts that he greatly values the tremendous recreational resource of the mighty Columbia River. 

Jas. and his spouse Diane Rosenbaum canoe in his 16.5' lightweight Malecite canoe, modeled after a birch-bark tribal design. They have canoed on many lakes throughout Oregon, including Waldo Lake, and also extensively in British Columbia and Washington, including the Bowron Lake Chain. Jas. joined colleagues on a recent trip to Montana's Missouri Breaks, mentioned in Meriwether Lewis's journal written on the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Jas. has also rafted on the lower Owyhee River and the Deschutes and Rogue Rivers.

Jas. notes that his primary objective in serving on the Marine Board is to help it make sound policy decisions that impact the future of recreational boating in Oregon. The Board is fortunate to have someone with his collective experience to represent boaters in this state.​​ 

Member Cliff Jett -Chair (Term: 2014-2017)Image of Board Member Cliff Jett

Cliff Jett retired after serving 24 years with the Nevada Department of Wildlife including as a boating officer on Lake Mead, and the Region III law enforcement supervisor, which included Lake Mead, Lake Mojave, and 15 miles of the Colorado River. 

After retiring and relocating to Oregon, Jett also served as a seasonal marine deputy in Sherman County for 10 years and taught boating safety courses to the general public and high school students. Additionally, Jett served as an instructor with OSMB's Marine Academy for two years.

Mr. Jett is active in local government and regional councils. He is the current mayor of Rufus, is a member and has served as chairman of the Lower John Day Partnership, Mid-Columbia Council of Governments and Mid-Columbia Economic Development Council. 

 With Jett's experience in law enforcement, education, local governments, and the general public, we're very excited to have him as a member of the Marine Board, representing the needs of eastern Oregon boaters. Not only does Jett understand the agency, he's also an avid angler and experienced jet boat owner/operator. ​

Member Jen Tonneson (Term: 2011-2019)Image of Board Member Jenn Tonneson

Jen Tonneson is co-owner of Rocky Point Marina and Boatyard on the Columbia River. Tonneson has served as a board member for the Waterfront Organization of Oregon, involved with the Multnomah County River Patrol on crime and wake issues and has worked with the U.S. Power Squadron of Beaverton to organize annual Vessel Safety Checks at the Rocky Point Marina.

Tonneson's experience also includes developing and implementing fire safety training and partnering with the ABYC to educate boat owners about electric shock drowning and prevention. Tonneson's interest in serving on the Marine Board stems from "being driven by my vested interest in healthy waterways, a thriving maritime industry and the safe accessibility for all users."

Member Brian Carroll -Vice-Chair (Term: 2009-2017)Image of Board Member Brian Carroll

I believe that it is important for people to share their knowledge, skills and expertise with their community, for the community's sake and to protect and preserve the environment we all live in. Throughout my life, I have been involved in public service and I have both a personal and professional interest in marine and boating issues. For over 25 years I have recreated on the waters of the Pacific Northwest and have enjoyed both motorized and non-motorized boating activities including: fishing, crabbing, wake boarding, kayaking, rafting and canoeing. I also enjoy other forms of outdoor recreation such as mountain biking, hiking, and backpacking. 

Over the years I have developed concerns about the ever increasing, competing interests on the waters. I have watched with great interest how the Oregon State Marine Board has navigated these difficult competing interests, and I believe I have the knowledge, ability and desire to assist with solving the tough issues facing the Oregon State Marine Board. My education, love of the outdoors and professional background make me well suited for listening and making decisions regarding marine issues at the Marine Board.

While I was in college I attended classes in managing marine facilities, and surveyed the recreating public regarding marine safety and facility needs. As a graduate of a natural resource college, I received training in many conservation fields like wildlife, fisheries and environmental science, which are relevant to managing Oregon waterways. Professionally I have managed marine facilities throughout my career, which has given me the opportunity to interact with many of the groups that work and recreate on Oregon’s waterways. I have worked closely with other government agencies around the State of Oregon and have become very familiar with the issues facing the environment, boating public and the Oregon State Marine Board. I believe with my experience and background I can bring a unique perspective which can help solve the environmental and boating issues facing Oregon. As the state’s population continues to grow, many of the challenges facing Oregon’s waterways, such as, boating safety, increased pressure on the environment, conflicts between user groups, over-crowding and access will intensify. I believe it will take knowledgeable, well-rounded people with a desire to listen to all of the diverse marine interests around the state to solve these pressing issues. 

Director Scott Brewen (2010 - Present)

Image of Director Scott Brewen

Like many, my love of boating began at a young age, going fishing with my grandparents on their 16 foot Valco, canoeing with my parents, and eventually spending a few summers enjoying my parent’s ski boat. Even when we weren’t boating, we camped at the beach and along rivers and lakes. Water activity seemed to always be a central part of life.

After high school, I had the opportunity to attend the U.S. Coast Guard Academy where I learned about navigation, seamanship, maritime law, leadership and other topics to prepare me for a commission in the Coast Guard. I spent my summers on ship, at Coast Guard stations, and USCGC EAGLE, the Coast Guard’s 299 foot sailing barque. While in the Coast Guard I served on three ships, Navigator of USCGC BOUTWELL out of Alameda, on exchange with the U.S. Navy as the Combat Information Center Officer on USS OLDENDORF in San Diego, and as Commanding Officer of USCGC ORCAS in Coos Bay. I also enjoyed one shore tour as the Executive Officer of the Pacific Area Training Team, with responsibility to train all Coast Guard units in maritime operations and law enforcement in the Pacific Area. In the Coast Guard, I served as a law enforcement boarding officer and law enforcement instructor as well. On the side, I earned my unlimited tonnage Chief Mates license and 1600 ton Masters License. 

After leaving the Coast Guard, I have continued to serve in public safety, first in training management roles at the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training and then at the Department of Corrections where I worked in training and other human resources related jobs. After a short hiatus, I rejoined the military, but this time with the Navy in the Strategic Sealift Reserves. 

I hold a B.S. in Mathematics from the Coast Guard Academy and an MBA from Portland State University.

At the Marine Board I hope to continue the great work that this agency has done for over a half century, serving the boaters of Oregon. ​