Boat Oregon

Dear Recreational Boater:                                                              

Every three years the Marine Board conducts a statutorily-mandated survey to determine where in Oregon boaters go, and how often they go there.  This information helps us to determine priorities for your boating dollars; including prioritizing boating access facilities (launch ramps, restrooms, parking spaces) and allocating funds for boating safety enforcement.

Beginning in April 2017, an online survey tool called “Qualtrics” will send randomly-selected boaters an email containing a link to an online survey questionnaire. If you receive an invitation from Qualtrics, it is legitimate. This online survey takes most people less than 10 minutes to complete and your answers are completely confidential and anonymous. 

Similar survey invitations from Qualtrics will be sent in July, October, and next January, to previous participants who agree to join the Boater Panel and to randomly selected new participants.  You can view the results from past surveys linked on this page.

I highly encourage you to participate.  Every response helps us better understand boaters’ needs and where to put your recreational boating dollars.  If you have questions, call Rachel Graham, Policy and Environmental Program Manager at

It is shaping up to be a great year for boating with ample water in most of our lakes and rivers.  Explore all of Oregon’s bountiful waterways by finding a boat ramp near you by using our interactive Boat Oregon Map.  Thank you for your participation and we hope you have a safe and enjoyable experience on Oregon’s waterways. 


Scott Brewen, Director

First Quarter Results:

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