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Keep it legal, keep it safe
Keep it legal, keep it safe  
Keep it legal, keep it safe
The Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office has developed four fireworks toolkits to assist local fire and police departments during the upcoming fireworks season. These resources should prove helpful with fireworks education and enforcement. 
The four toolkits contain information about public education, illegal fireworks, retail sales of fireworks, and displays of fireworks. Just click on the title of the document you want to access. Please feel free to download, print, copy, and distribute any of the materials contained in these kits.
Also included in the illegal fireworks toolkit is information about M-80 type devices and other explosive devices resembling firecrackers. These devices are sometimes mistakenly called fireworks. If you encounter any of these types of devices, or other devices containing silver powder (flash powder), please do not handle them. Contact your local bomb squad or the Oregon State Police (OSP) Bomb Squad for assistance. OSP dispatch numbers are located in "A Pocket Guide to Fireworks Enforcement" found in the Retail Sales and Illegal Fireworks toolkits.
We hope this information is useful to you, the first responder, in your encounters with fireworks this year.
Fireworks Related Fires in Oregon​ ​

Public Education Toolkit  No Fireworks on Beaches
 Protect Your Family   Fireworks Prohibited poster 
 4 Be's Flyer   4 Be's Flyer (Spanish) 

 Retail Sales Toolkit
 Authority of Local Officals   Citation Example 
 Explosives Composition of Fireworks   Fines and Penalities for Reckless Burning 
 Fireworks Sales and Possession Rules   How To Use Fireworks Safely 
 Legal and Illegal Fireworks   OAR for Retail Sales of Fireworks 
 ORS for Retail Sales of Fireworks   A Pocket Guide to Fireworks Enforcement 
 Preparing Your Tent Stand   Stand Inspection form 
 Reimbursement of Costs Rules   Examples of Fireworks Labels

 Fireworks Display Toolkit
 Citation Example  Fireworks Sales and Possession 
 Fireworks Storage Criteria   Map for 1.3g General Display 
 Map for 1.4g Limited Display   OAR for Display Fireworks 
 ORS for Display Fireworks    Oregon Display Fireworks Wholesalers 
 Explosives Composition of Fireworks   Outdoor Display Checklist 

 Illegal Fireworks Toolkit
 Authority of Local Officials   Citation Example
 Fines & Penalities for Reckless Burning   Fireworks Sales and Possession Rules 
 Illegally Manufactured Explosive Devices   Legal and Illegal Fireworks 
 Can You Tell the Difference Between Illegal Fireworks and Explosives? 
 Criteria Worksheet for Confiscating Fireworks 
 Reimbursement of Costs Rules  Find Illegal Fireworks? 
 A Pocket Guide to Fireworks Enforcement   Oregon Law Enforcement ORS
 Examples of Fireworks Labels   Fireworks Enforcement Reference Card