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To protect the public by supervising occupational therapy practice; to assure safe and ethical delivery of occupational therapy services. 
The Occupational Therapy Licensing Board was created in 1977 to regulate occupational therapy practice and operates under the statutory authority of ORS 675.210 to 675.340 and OAR Chapter 339.

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Board members are appointed by the governor to serve four-year terms.
The Board consists of five members appointed by the governor to serve four-year terms.
Three Board members are licensed in the profession; 2 are OT and 1 is an OT Assistant.
Two are public members, usually having been a consumer of occupational therapy services. 
As of 2009 Board member appointments are confirmed by the Senate. 
Board members may serve two consecutive terms.


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Board responsibilities include the following:
  • Review applications and issues licenses to eligible applicants;
  • Require, approve and monitor continuing education;
  • Review complaints and investigate complaints that fall within the Board’s authority; take appropriate disciplinary action when violations have occurred;
  • Renews licenses to qualified licensees;
  • Respond to questions as they relate to occupational therapy regulations.

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There are five members of the OT Licensing Board


Mashelle Painter, MEd, COTA/L, Chair 

Linda Harthun Smith, OTR/L, Vice Chair

Juanita Shepherd, Public Member 
Sybil Hedrick Park, OTR/L, CHT, CSCS
Erion Moore II, Public Member, B.A                                                                                    


                                 About the Board Members:

Mashelle Painter, Chair,  is the OT Assistant appointed to the Board by the Governor.  Mashelle has a long standing commitment to the profession in Oregon.  A graduate of MHCC, she has been an OT Assistant for twenty-three years primarily in the field of pediatric and school-based therapy. 

She also has experience with assistive technology and therapeutic interventions through hippotherapy (treatment using a horse).  She is a respected team member, educator and mentor. 

Recently Mashelle received her Masters in Education.  She now works as the Distance Education Coordinator & Faculty in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at Linn-Benton CC.

Mashelle provides the Board with understanding the role of Assistants in the profession and her experience in Education will be invaluable, since so many Occupational Therapists work in education.   

Mashelle Painter's term is from 7/1/2009 to 6/3/2017
Linda Harthun Smith, Vice Chair, OTR/L, was appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate June 2 and will serve a 4 year term.  Linda Harthun Smith has a BS in Occupational Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has been practicing OT since 1975. She has worked in a small community hospital in central WI, and started the school therapy program for the public school system in that same town.  Following training in NDT, Linda worked for a non-profit neurodevelopment center in Seattle.  Her husband’s work brought the family to Portland in 1987 where she worked in private practice clinic, and in a non-profit neurodevelopment center.
In her current work setting, she serves veterans as both inpatients and outpatients with basic hand diagnoses, geriatrics, palliative/hospice care, and those with skilled rehabilitation needs.  She greatly appreciates mentoring  professional OT students and has done so as a Fieldwork supervisor since the 1980’s. Linda’s varied work experience across the age span and in many practice settings provides a broad understanding of the field. Linda feels there are many challenges that face the OT professional and that the OTLB is crucial to regulating and preserving ethical delivery of OT services and in turn protecting the consumer. Linda states it is her time to contribute to the profession as a whole by volunteering, and is honored to join these impressive Board members and the Director.  
Linda is married with two grown sons who are finishing their university educations’ at Oregon schools. She and her husband love to entertain, garden, travel, read and cook. They also train for and walk 1/2 marathons.  Yoga and Pilates keep her moving after those long walks and photography is a new passion.  

Linda Smith's term is from 6/15/2015 to 6/14/2019.


Juanita Shepherd, Public Member,  has a special interest in occupational therapy after she was involved with a stroke group at Portland Good Sam and got to know therapists from Pacific University.  As a Pilates teacher she felt fortunate to return to work within 6 months. In 2005 she began a 3 year training to be an Alexander Technique teacher. 
Juanita enjoys helping others to function better through use and understanding the body’s capabilities and limitations so they have the knowledge to better take care of themselves.  She looks forward to serving on the Board to help protect the public by maintaining the quality and integrity of the OT profession.  We welcome Juanita to the Board.
Juanita Shepherd's term is from 4/1/2013 to 3/31/2017.



Sybil Hedrick Park, OTR/L, CHT, CSCS, has served the Occupational Therapy profession for over 17 years.  During this time she has cultivated a very impressive resume.  Most recently she completed her tenure as OTAO president and in doing so gained knowledge of the state legislative process.  
She is educated as both an Occupational Therapist and certified Hand Therapist and currently provides both these services in the capacity of the Lead Therapist to the Providence Sports Care Center.  Among her clients are the Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns, professional soccer teams.  She also provides advanced evaluation and treatment for the general population and swim stroke analysis evaluation.
When she’s not treating patients, she’s educating future OT’s.  Sybil has served as an adjunct professor for Pacific University Clinical Doctorate Program since 2011.
Sybil is eager to advance her understanding of how our State runs and takes great interest in protecting the public. 
Sybil Hedrick Park's term is from 10/15/2013 to 10/14/2017.
Erion Moore II, Public Member, our most recent appointee, received his B.A. in Criminology from Southern Oregon University, and his A.A. in Ethnic Studies from Foothill Community College in California.
Erion worked with juvenile and adult offenders on cognitive skills following his graduation from college. He worked temporarily as a case manager and was involved with group meetings that decide to make changes to policies of work conduct. He has a personal interest in Occupational Therapy, having personal experience with many types of therapists in different settings including home, to inpatient, as well as outpatient.
Erion volunteers with Pacific University, School of OT, as a patient, helping future Occupational Therapists learn necessary skills. The Board is fortunate to have him as the latest addition to our team.
Erion Moore II's term is from 2/9/2016 to 2/8/2020
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Board members may be contacted through the Licensing Board office at:
Oregon Occupational Therapy Licensing Board
Suite 407, 800 NE Oregon Street
Portland, OR 97232
NEW Telephone 971-673-0198
NEW Fax 971-673-0226

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Licensing Board Meetings
The Occupational Therapy Licensing Board meets quarterly, usually in the State Office Building at 800 NE Oregon Street, Portland, Oregon. Meetings begin at 10:00 a.m. and last until the agenda has been completed, usually around 3:00 p.m.  The Board usually meets in Room 445 of the Portland State Office Building.  Please contact the board office for more information.    
The Board meets quarterly.  
First Mondays in February, May, August and November.  Please confirm with the director to be certain a date has not been changed.   The Board plans for a meeting each year in another area of the state to encourage local participation and exchange dialogue. 
Board meeting notices are mailed about two weeks prior the Board meeting to persons who have requested to be placed on the mailing list.  The Board operates under the Public Records and Meetings regulations. Board meetings are public meetings, and anyone can attend: interested people, involved people, affected people and anyone else interested.
Portions of the meeting may be held in Executive Session, from which the public is exempt, when the Board reviews complaints and/or consults with legal counsel. Even though complaints/investigationsare reviewed in Executive Session, final actions are taken during public meetings. 
Persons wishing to have items included on the agenda should contact Nancy at (971) 673-0198, or email Nancy.Schuberg@state.or.us at least two weeks prior to the Board meeting and provide information relevant to the proposed agenda item.
ADA accommodation request should be made to the Director Felicia Holgate or by telephone at 1-800-332-2313.  Requests for accommodations should be made at least 72 hours in advance.

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Copies of Board minutes, except those portions held in Executive Session are available upon request 
Board Minutes are approved by the Board at their next Board meeting prior to being posted on this web site.  If you have questions about recent minutes that are not yet approved please contact Nancy at Nancy.Schuberg@state.or.us.


Minutes 2016 November.pdf

Minutes-Special Board Meeting 2016 November.pdf

Minutes 2016 August.pdf

Minutes 2016 May.pdf

Minutes 2016 February.pdf

Minutes 2015 November.pdf

Minutes 2015 July.pdf 

Minutes 2015 May.pdf 

Minutes 2015 April Teleconference.pdf

Minutes 2015 February.pdf

Minutes 2014 December Teleconference.pdf 

Minutes 2014 November.pdf

Minutes 2014 August.pdf

Minutes 2014 May.pdf 

Minutes 2014 February.pdf 

Minutes 2013 November Teleconference.pdf

Minutes 2013 November.pdf 

Minutes 2013 October Teleconference.pdf

Minutes 2013 August.pdf

Minutes 2013 May.pdf

Minutes 2013 February.pdf

Minutes 2012 October.pdf

Minutes 2012 August.pdf

Minutes 2012 May.pdf

Minutes 2012 February.pdf

Minutes 2011 November.pdf

Minutes 2011 August.pdf

Minutes 2011 May.pdf

Minutes 2011 February.pdf

Minutes 2010 July.pdf

Minutes 2010 May.pdf

Minutes 2010 May Teleconference.pdf

Minutes 2010 February.pdf

Minutes 2009 November.pdf

Minutes 2009 July.pdf

Minutes 2009 April.pdf

Minutes 2009 February.pdf

Minutes 2008 November.pdf

Minutes 2008 July.pdf

Minutes 2008 April.pdf

Minutes 2008 February.pdf

Minutes 2007 October.pdf

Minutes 2007 July.pdf

Minutes 2007 January.pdf

Minutes 2006 September.pdf

Minutes 2006 August.pdf

Minutes 2006 May.pdf

Minutes 2006 February.pdf

Minutes 2005 October.pdf

Minutes 2005 July.pdf

Minutes 2005 April.pdf

Minutes 2005 February.pdf

Minutes 2004 July.pdf

Minutes 2004 April.pdf

Minutes 2004 January.pdf



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For the next Board Agenda please contact the Director

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Board's strategic plan
The Board held a strategic planning meeting in May, 2011.    These are areas the Board is working on:
Discipline: process; investigator/board training; strategy for civil penalties, setting a matrix; background checks: fingerprinting; LEDS (law enforcement data system) for  Oregon arrests and other processes.  Would checks be only for new applicants.
Review laws, rules, regulations that clearly reflect current practice and efficient operation 
Protect licensing and profession:  (super board, consolidation); work on pro/con of Semi Independence.  Obtain statistics and demographics; health reform, educate legislators, support OTAO;   Look at background of temporary therapists coming to Oregon to work
Legislation:  Continue to promote profession, monitor legislative bills, educate legislators, support OT Day at Legislature (with OT and OTA students and Association).
NBCOT:  Consider whether to mandate current NBCOT certification for licensees.
Diversity in profession and on the licensing Board 
EBP:  Encourage evidence based practice
Management skills: Encourage management skills; maintain level of professionalism 
Telehealth: The Board will study this important new area of practice.
Ethics and Law exam:  develop mandatory online exam for applicants as regards the relevant statutes and rules  Perhaps later mandate it to others providing CE for it.
Supervision: continuing issue and follow up for OT Assistants being current on supervision and filing Supervision form.
Data system:  Board is changing to a new data base; need to confirm some information and collect other data, including state mandate workforce data. This customer based system will give flexibility in using data, allow developing management reports.
New Web site system and training:  The State has a new contract and will be providing training in the fall of 2011.  The Director makes the changes to the OTLB web site. 
OTAO, Pacific, Linn Benton OTA school:  Continue to work with OTAO, Pacific and Linn Benton on mutual concerns (legislation, Re-Entry, state conference) etc. 

Previous areas the Board focused on in the past are:
CE Growth:  Look at the Continuing Education (CE) taken by occupational therapist and how to expand new areas of  practice.  Develop evidence based practice for CE.  Check how CE can be provided.
OPERATIONS:  Develop a uniform system for investigations, training, online reporting, and consider matrix; create an impaired practitioner program; change statute on civil penalties; start fingerprinting of applicants
LEGISLATIVE: Monitor and provide information about Governor's super board concept so the outcome is in the best interests of the public and keeps board efficient; monitor Health Care Reform state and federal; develop political awareness; work on marketing of OT.
To see the Board´s four-year  2004-08 strategic plan click here.
In the previous plan, the three areas the board focused on:
Education:  There is need for an OTA school in Oregon; the board needs to consider how OT educational programs change from baccalaureate to a masters and a PhD level; consider who is the gatekeeper for OT services; teach ethical issues to students and therapists and how the professional positions itself with health professions.  OTA school due to open in fall 2010. 
Communications:  The boards will consider how to continue to build good relationships with the state and federal Associations, Pacific University, School of  OT; consider the importance of legislation and proposed changes in laws.  The board will also look at rehabilitation settings, and accessibility to and from the board, trying always to provide quick responses to questions.  Board has good relations with school and Association; developed OT Day at Legislature in Feb.
Operations: The board will continue to streamline it processes, work on workforce needs in the future, review the licensing and discipline processes; consider whether to have a jurisprudence test for the state and work on education rather than punishment when complaints come in in accordance with national standards and expertise.  Board continues efficient and effective functions.

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