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    The Veterinary Medical Examining Board was established in 1903 to test, license, monitor and regulate practitioners of veterinary medicine in the state. The Board's mission is to protect animal health and welfare, public health, and consumers of veterinary services. The Board's authority comes from the Veterinary Practice Act, Chapter 686 of the Oregon Revised Statutes and Chapter 875 of the Oregon Administrative Rules.
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Rule Amendments Adopted November 2017


The Following Rule Changes Are Now In Effect



875-005-0005 Definitions


(18) For purposes of meeting work experience eligibility requirements for intern, veterinarian and Certified Veterinary Technician licensure, a year is defined as at least 2,000 hours in any 52-week period.

875-010-0050 Supervision of Interns


(3) The supervising veterinarian shall notify the Board within 10 calendar days if an intern is no longer under that veterinarian’s supervision.


(4) An intern licensee shall notify the Board within 10 calendar days of any change in supervision.

875-011-0010 Unprofessional or Dishonorable Conduct


(13) Failure to provide to a client, or another veterinarian retained by the client, upon request by either, a copy of the patient’s medical record (including copies of imaging) within 72 hours or immediately for emergencies. A reasonable copying fee, e.g., comparable to local commercial copying rates, may be charged; however, copy requests may not be denied for nonpayment of fees or outstanding bills.

875-015-0005 Responsibilities for Veterinary Medical Practices 

(Replaced ‘doctor’ with ‘veterinarian.’)


(1) Each veterinarian who holds any interest in a veterinary medical practice, unless exempted by ORS 686.040, shall be jointly and severally professionally responsible for all aspects of all activities conducted at and conditions of each veterinary medical facility at which the veterinarian’s practice is conducted, including all acts and omissions of all the veterinarian’s partners, joint venturers, fellow shareholders, employees, representatives, agents and contractors, unless the veterinarian can establish:

(a) In the case of a non-complying condition, that the condition was under the sole control of one or more other licensed partners, joint venturers, Managing Veterinarians or shareholders, and was not utilized by the first veterinarian directly, or indirectly by someone under the first veterinarian’s supervision or direction; and


(b) In the case of a non-complying activity, that the act or omission was committed by one or more other licensed employees, contractors, partners, joint venturers, Managing Veterinarians or shareholders, and the first veterinarian exercised no supervision or direction over the act or omission of the other licensed employee, contractor, partner, joint venturer or shareholder, and the first veterinarian had no duty to supervise.


(2) A licensed veterinarian shall not be relieved of responsibility for his or her own acts and omissions because another person also has some responsibility.           


875-015-0030 Minimum Veterinary Practice Standards


(h) Required examinations.  Unless exempted under (1) of this section or the animal’s temperament precludes examination, a physical examination is required:

            1. To establish or maintain a VCPR;

            2. Each time an animal is presented with a new health problem;

            3. Within 24 hours of scheduled anesthesia; and

       4. If an animal is presented for euthanasia. (May be limited to elements necessary for the humane application of the procedure, such as a weight estimate and visual assessment if necessary due to the patient’s condition or temperament.)

Examinations waived due to exemption or temperament must be noted in the record.  The veterinarian may waive examinations not required by this section.



Notice of Rule Hearing

Proposed Amendment of OAR 875-015-0020

(Prescription Signage)


November 16, 2017, 10:30 a.m.

Portland State Office Building

800 NE Oregon St., Rm. 615

Portland, Oregon


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To view Oregon Revised Statutes and Administrative Rules, click on ‘Veterinary Practice Act’ at the far left column of this screen.  If you have questions about the VPA, please contact us at ovmeb.info@state.or.us