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Council Capacity Grants
Purpose of Council Capacity Grants

Council Capacity Grants help support the operations of effective watershed councils that engage people and communities in their watershed to participate in collaborative, voluntary restoration and protection of native fish or wildlife habitat and natural watershed functions to improve water quality or stream flows.  

Vision of Resilient, Sustainable Local Capacity
OWEB envisions a statewide watershed restoration system that is resilient, sustainable and achieves ecological outcomes.   Experience gained from supporting watershed work since 1997, and studies of successful watershed groups, demonstrate this vision can be achieved with watershed councils that:
  • Are strong organizations with access to diverse skillsets.
  • Have broad and deep support from local and regional communities.
  • Engage a balance of interested and affected people, businesses, and communities in their watershed to participate in voluntary, cooperative conservation.
  • Secure  diversified funding and/or build strategic collaborations with other councils and/or organizations to increase collective local capacity. 
2015-2017 Council Capacity Grant Cycle
The OWEB Board adopted new rules and implementation guidance for Council Capacity Grants at its July 29-30, 2014 meeting. Below are Council Capacity Grant deadlines and important instructions for submitting the Eligibility Determination Request through OGMS.
Eligibility Deadline: 5:00pm, November 17, 2014
Application Deadline: 5:00pm, March 2, 2015
OWEB Board Funding Decision: July 28-29, 2015
Eligibility Determination Process
Beginning September 15, 2015 through 5:00pm, November 17, 2014, councils can upload and submit, through OGMS (link to log-in page), council documents for the Eligibility Determination Process.  
Before you upload and submit, you need to read:
  • Pages 4-10 of the “Guidance for Outcome-Based Watershed Council Operating Capacity Grants” (Implementation Guidance), and 
  • Instructions for Eligibility Document Upload and Submittal. 

When two or more councils have one council support/capacity grant, and the councils operate independently (described on page 5 of the Implementation Guidance), each council is required to meet the eligibility criteria (except Geographic Area and Population, which the group of councils must meet).  If one or more independent council does not meet the eligibility requirements, then  none of the councils can apply for a Council Capacity Grant during the upcoming cycle.  This means that eligibility documents will need to be uploaded and submitted for each council.  Before submitting the request for eligibility determination, councils need to verify that all necessary documents have been uploaded and inserted to document the eligibility of each council. 

Please contact Courtney Shaff, 503-986-0046 with questions.​

Council Capacity Grant Documents
Instructions for Eligibility Document Upload and Submittal
Instructions for Application and Work Plan Upload and Submittal
Implementation Guidance
Flow Chart
Detailed Schedule
Eligibility Questions
Racial & Ethnic Application Template
Application Questions
Watershed Council Map​
Council Capacity Grant Frequently Asked Questions
Watershed Council Forms and Guidance Documents

Self Evaluation and Liability Coverage
Rules & Statutes

Additional resources​ for watershed councils.