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Research Grant Awards
In 1999, the Legislature enacted ORS 541.378 establishing a “Restoration and Protection Research Fund” from all interest earned from Ballot Measure 66 Lottery Funds. The research funds are subject to the 35 percent non-capital and 65 percent capital distribution as are all Measure 66 dedicated lottery funds. 
In January 2001, the Board adopted a Research Investment Strategy to guide OWEB funding of research supporting implementation of the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds.  The strategy identified four principles:  (1) Identify critical information needs; (2) Fund research projects that address priority needs first; (3) Communicate research results to users; and (4) Evaluate what is learned and determine new priority needs.
In March 2001, the Independent Multidisciplinary Science Team (IMST) reviewed the strategy and identified 12 priority Oregon Plan research needs and ranked them in relative order of importance.  After review by stakeholders, the research priorities were adjusted and adopted by the Board in March 2002.  While the Legislature directly appropriated research funds for several projects between 2002 and 2006 OWEB did not entertain a research grant solicitation during this time.
Beginning in 2007 the Legislature gave OWEB the expenditure authority for the Board to allocate funds from the Restoration and Protection Research Fund.   

May 2006 Research Proposal Solicitation
At the May 2006 meeting, the Board approved the first open solicitation for research proposals in anticipation of the 2007-2009 biennium.  The research priorities, adopted by the Board in 2002, were revised to incorporate the draft research priorities developed for the Coastal Coho Conservation Plan.  This collection of research priorities in 2005 was used to inform applicants about the targets to be used for the grant offering.  OWEB used both the Sea Grant Program at Oregon State University (OSU) and the Oregon Plan Monitoring Team (OPMT) to assist in the administration of the research proposal solicitation and review process.  Thirty-three research pre-proposals were submitted to Sea Grant in September of 2006.  Following review by the OPMT and OWEB staff, 14 applicants were asked to submit full proposals for an extensive independent scientific evaluation.  Of the 10 proposals ultimately submitted to OWEB nine were funded at the September 2007 OWEB Board Meeting.

Future Research Solicitations
Presently OWEB is developing plans for a future research grant solicitations.  The OWEB Board approved the development of new research priorities and the solicitation at its May 2008 Board Meeting in Ontario, Oregon.

OWEB Research Priorities

Research Grants
Landscape Modeling
208-8006     Linking Coldwater Refuges into a Framework for River and Floodplain 
208-8007     Mapping Current Conditions and Modeling the Dynamic Responses of Riparian
    Vegetation and Salmon Habitat in Oregon
208-8009     Integrated Dynamic Landscape and Coho Salmon Model

Ecosystem Services
209-912 OWEB Ecosystem Services Model                           

Effectiveness Monitoring
201-739     Hinkle Creek Research Project
208-8001     Effects of Contemporary Forest Harvest on Aquatic Ecosystems in Trask, Hinkle
    and Alsea Watersheds



Fish Passage and Barriers

99-626 Interagency (ODOT Fish Passage Culverts)

Technology and Innovation
201-726     OSU-Willamette River Toxin Study
208-8002     Fiber-optic Observation of Stream Function and Condition: Demonstration 
    and Application
208-8005     Long-lived Pearlshell Mussels
208-8008     Development of Physiological Health Criteria to Assess Habitat Quality
    in Degraded and Recovering/Restored Stream Systems 

Hatchery/Wild Fish Interaction 
99-458    Juvenile Salmonid Survival in Specific Areas of the Nehalem Watershed
201-551    ODFW Experimental Brood Stock Research 2001
203-902    ODFW Nonpareil Dam Conservation Hatchery Research Project 2002
204-910    ODFW Nonpareil Dam Conservation Hatchery Research Project Contd. 2003
204-924    OSU Nonpareil Dam Research Project 2003
207-907    OSU Nonpariel Dam/Umpqua Coho Pedigree 6th Year Research Project 2007
209-904    Non-Pariel Dam Coho Pedigree funding 2009-2011
206-835    ODFW Umpqua Coho Pedigree Study 7/2006-6/2007
206-836    OSU Umpqua Coho Pedigree Study 7/2006-6/2007
206-837    Oregon Hatchery Research Center Equipment
208-8003    Recovery of Wild Coho Salmon in Salmon River Basin 

Ocean Fisheries
206-828 Salmon Disaster Response-Ocean Research Equipment
206-832 At-Sea DNA Research Pilot Project
207-904 CROOS 2007 Ocean Salmon Research

208-8004    Effects of Tide Gates on Juvenile Coho Movement and Residence Time in  
   Estuarine Habitats
Human Natural Resource Interactions
209-917-7960 Landowner Incentives and Tolerances for Managing Beaver Impacts in Oregon [pdf]
209-906-7232 Jobs Creation and Local Economies



Please check back here often. We will post research grant progress and final reports as we receive them, as well as links to papers and web sites.