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Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund (PCSRF)
What is the PCSRF?
"The PCSRF was established by Congress in FY 2000 to address the need to protect, restore, and conserve Pacfic salmon and steelhead and their habitat and the impacts of the Pacific Salmon Treaty Agreement between the United States and Canada. Under the PCSRF, National Marine Fisheries Service manages a program to provide funding to states and tribes of the Pacific Coast region (Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, and Alaska) to implement projects to restore and protect salmonid populations and their habitat" (2009 Report to Congress, NOAA Fisheries). 
OWEB applies and competes regionally for the PCSRF dollars each year. Once received, OWEB is responsible for distributing PCSRF funds to projects in Oregon. These projects include restoration, monitoring, planning and education projects that will specifically benefit salmon and steelhead species. The PCSRF monies are especially important in the State of Oregon since they are used, among other things, to support 90 Watershed Councils and 45 Soil and Water Conservation Districts. 
Twice a year, OWEB is required to submit information about PCSRF-funded projects and data related to projects funded by state dollars to the PCSRF database.  This database contains specific data pertaining to each project including financial and habitat restoration information.  A user can query the PCSRF database for salmon recovery projects located throughout the states of Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho and Alaska.  An Interactive Mapping Tool is also provided for producing maps.

Access the PCSRF Database
Public access to the PCSRF database is currently being redeveloped. Learn more about this program at NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service Northwest Regional Office website.  
To access the PCSRF Interactive Mapping Tool, click here.

Reports to Congress
Click the following links to read Reports to Congress.

2010 PCSRF Report to Congress 2010 (extremely large file - PDF 13.7MB)
2009 PCSRF Report to Congress 2009 (extremely large file - PDF 12.5MB)
2008 Report to Congress2008 (extremely large file - PDF 14.3MB)
2007 Report to Congress2007 (extremely large file – PDF 28MB)
2006 Report to Congress2006 (extremely large file – PDF 27MB)
2005 Report to Congress2005 (extremely large file – PDF 39MB)
2004 Report to Congress2004 (extremely large file – PDF 29MB)
2003 Report to Congress  
2003 (PDF 613KB)
2002 Report to Congress  
2002 (PDF 110KB)
2001 Report to Congress  
2001 (PDF 42KB)