Listening Session Webinar Guidelines
  • During the breakout session, you will be given the opportunity to respond to the questions in the agenda via the chat window.
  • To help us organize our notes, make it clear which question/topic you are answering. The transcript from the session will become the "flip chart" for the on-line group of participants. Without your help indicating which question you're answering, any comments out of sync with the others will likely be organized incorrectly in the final report.
  • If you are writing in response to a participant, please reference their name / comment.
  • Stay on topic.

Listening session handouts:

The proposed direction for the strategy at-a-glance (PDF)
Proposed Direction for OWEB's Long-Term Investment Strategy for Conservation (PDF)
Listening Session Agenda (PDF)

The Board's process for creating the proposal started in the spring of 2012.Listening Sessions were held around the state. To read more of these background documents:
Roadmap to the Long-Term Investment Strategy

Virtual Listening Session

 Salem Listening Session on the Proposed Long-Term Investment Strategy


 Listening Session "Chat" Transcript