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Ecosystem Services Coordination
Senate Bill 513, passed by the Oregon Legislature on June 5, 2009 and signed into law by the Governor on July 23, 2009, defines ecosystem services as “benefits that human communities enjoy as a result of natural processes and biological diversity.” Ecological values are defined as “clean air, clean and abundant water, fish and wildlife habitat and other values that are generally considered public goods.” An ecosystem services market is “a system in which providers of ecosystem services can access financing to protect, restore and maintain ecological values, including the full spectrum of regulatory, quasi-regulatory, and voluntary markets.”
Since 2009, OWEB has supported research to assess the potential for ecosystem services markets to enhance restoration and conservation opportunities in Oregon.  At the March 2009 Board meeting, the Board created an Ecosystem Services Module within the agency’s research program.  To date, OWEB has funded two research projects focused on ecosystem services.  The first project was an investigation by Ecosystem Services LLC and Ecotrust into how traditional OWEB restoration and acquisition projects may provide ecosystem services--in particular, those associated with carbon sequestration--and how these investments may converge with ecosystem services markets.  The second research project research focused the biological carbon budget in southeastern Oregon and the potential for carbon storage in juniper landsca​pes with different management treatments.

Reports from Ecosystem Services Research Projects
  • Final Report (PDF) for the Carbon Offsets and Ecosystem Services Grant, prepared by Ecosystem Services LLC and Ecotrust, July 2010 
  • Carbon Offset Project Roadmap (PDF) developed under this research project.  The Roadmap is for use by OWEB staff, grantees and other project developers as a tool for better understanding how restoration and conservation projects generate carbon offsets and co-benefit ecosystem services. It is a step-by-step practical tool with a full graphical explanation of the specific activities, organizational roles and functions, resources, and timing for moving carbon-offset projects from initiation to sale in an ecosystem service market. 

OWEB is staffing an Ecosystem Services Markets Working Group for the Sustainability Board that will implement Senate Bill 513.  Click here to visit the SB513 Working Group web page.


Ecosystem Services Staff Reports
Ecosystem Services Reports and Board Discussion
September 2009 Board Meeting: Agenda Item C-6 Executive Director's Update
September 2009 Board Meeting: Agenda Item H Staff Report

Ecosystem Services Update
January 2010 Board Meeting: Agenda Item O Staff Report
March 2010 Board Meeting: Agenda Item​ J Staff Report
March 2010 Board Meeting: Agenda Item​ J-1 Ecosystem Services Pilot Proposal
June 2010 Board Meeting: Agenda Item​ J​ Staff Report​

OWEB Staff Contact
For more information, contact Renee Davis, Deputy Director, at 503-986-0203 or renee.davis@oregon.gov.