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Senate Bill 513 Ecosystem Services Markets Working Group
Final Report
Download the December 2010 report to the Oregon Legislative Assembly from the Oregon Sustainability Board.
This report was prepared by the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) on behalf of the Oregon Sustainability Board.  The SB 513 project team, in alphabetical order, consisted of:
Tom Byler, OWEB
Renee Davis-Born, OWEB
Sally Duncan, Institute for Natural Resources
Daniel Grant, Kearns & West
Peter Harkema, Kearns & West
Debra Nudelman, Kearns & West
Sara Vickerman, Defenders of Wildlife
Principal authors of the report are Renee Davis-Born and Sally Duncan.  The project team wishes to express its gratitude to all those who participated in the SB 513 Working Group and Ad Hoc Group, along with the Oregon Sustainability Board, for their valuable contribution to this important effort.

Senate Bill 513, passed during the 2009 Legislative Assembly, charges the Sustainability Board with convening an Ecosystem Services Markets Working Group to articulate the need and advance policy recommendations for creating a framework of integrated ecosystem services markets in Oregon that produce positive ecological and economic outcomes. 
Members of the SB513 Working Group represent local and state agencies and other parties, including but not limited to federal agencies, Indian tribes, conservation organizations and developers and landowners from the private sector.  They also are knowledgeable about and active in improving the ecological effectiveness of ecosystem services markets.  In addition, an Ad Hoc Group has been convened to advise and help frame policy issues that will be addressed by the Working Group.  OWEB is responsible for staffing this Working Group.  Facilitation for group is being provided by Kearns & West through an agreement with the Oregon Consensus Program at Portland State University.  The Institute for Natural Resources at Oregon State University is conducting policy analysis and research in support of the Working Group’s efforts.
Specific topics for deliberation by the Working Group include:
  • Study and propose overarching goals to guide the development of integrated ecosystem services markets in Oregon that are efficient, coordinated, and designed to produce positive ecological and economic outcomes with reasonable administrative costs to all participants;
  • Address entities that would be most appropriate to guide, facilitate, and implement an ecosystem services market in Oregon;
  • Address the need for a consistent methodology to describe and quantify ecological values and in doing so will consider methodologies that have been developed or are in the process of being developed;
  • Make recommendations concerning the development of appropriate ecological evaluation and accounting systems;
  • Consider the appropriate role of government participation in ecosystem services markets in order to ensure that the activities of state agencies are well-coordinated and maintain a positive influence in maximizing ecological, social and economic benefits for the public and private sectors; and
  • Propose potential policies to help stimulate demand for payments for ecosystem services, in particular the development of regulatory and voluntary ecosystem services markets.”
The Working Group anticipates submitting a final report and policy recommendations to the Sustainability Board for review and approval in November 2010.  The Sustainability Board will submit the report to the Legislature by January 1, 2011.

Working Group Meetings
All documents are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.
December 3, 2009 in SalemAgenda Meeting Summary 
January 27, 2010 in SalemAgenda Meeting Summary 
February 17, 2010 in SalemAgenda Meeting Summary 
March 25, 2010 in PortlandAgenda Meeting Summary 
April 21, 2010 in SalemAgenda Meeting Summary 
May 27, 2010 in PortlandAgenda Meeting Summary 
July 21, 2010 in SalemAgenda Meeting Summary 
September 2, 2010 in SalemAgenda Meeting Summary 
October 20, 2010 in SalemAgendaMeeting Summary 

Ad Hoc Group Meetings
November 2, 2009 in SalemAgenda Meeting Summary 
March 2, 2010 in PortlandAgenda Meeting Summary 
July 29, 2010 in SalemAgenda Meeting Summary 
September 28, 2010 in PortlandAgenda Meeting Summary