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JJIS Web for Network Administrators
What is JJIS?
The Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS) is a statewide-integrated electronic information system designed, developed, and implemented to support a continuum of services and shared responsibility among all members of the juvenile justice community. 
In a collaborative partnership between the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) and Oregon´s county juvenile departments, JJIS is administered by the State of Oregon through OYA.
Access to JJIS is granted to OYA and the county juvenile departments pursuant to signed Intergovernmental Agreements.  Other public and private agencies that work with youth served by the county juvenile departments and the OYA are external partners.
JJIS partners support appropriate access to JJIS for research projects that support county and statewide research priorities.  Each research project is approved on an individual basis by the JJIS Steering Committee
Interested parties request access to JJIS through an appropriate representative of OYA or a county juvenile department.

What is JJIS Web?
JJIS Web is a secure web-based interface to the JJIS application.
With the appropriate authorization, OYA and county juvenile department staff may use JJIS Web to access JJIS (Juvenile Justice Information System) from a site other than their desktop.
JJPS* and JPAS** are web-based lenses of JJIS that provide customized access to JJIS information based on a user’s need for data.  JJPS and JPAS can be accessed only through JJIS Web:
*  External partners access the Juvenile Justice Partner System (JJPS).  JJPS is designed to provide a real-time view of the status of youth cases for designated public safety agency users.  JJPS contains data elements determined to be not confidential and releasable.
**  Contracted providers access the Juvenile Justice Provider Access System (JPAS).  JPAS is designed to facilitate information sharing between OYA or county juvenile parole/probation staff and contracted providers throughout the youth referral, screening, and placement process.

How is JJIS Web accessed?

Authorized users access JJIS Web from https://jjis.oregon.gov.  Individuals who have not been approved for JJISWeb will not be able to log on. 
The user’s log-on (user name and password) identifies the level of access that has been granted to them.


Questions and Troubleshooting

We encourage network administrators to learn more about JJIS and what it is used for, assess any risk to opening the local network to JJIS Web, and discuss the access with appropriate individuals from the requesting user’s agency.

Users may have trouble accessing JJIS Web depending on local network settings.  Use the following troubleshooting information to try to determine the problem.

Network and System Technical Requirements 

  • Network Port Access:  443 or 3391
  • Operating System:  Microsoft Windows
  • Browser:  Internet Explorer 9 or less, 32-bit (JJIS Web does not work with Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari)
  • Add-On:  Microsoft Terminal Services Client Control Web Browser
  • Add-On:  Screwdrivers Client Software (for JJIS Web printing) 

Refer to the JJIS Web Technical Guide for more information on network and system technical requirements, system compatibility and readiness assessment; and common problems and solutions.

If you are still unable to access JJIS Web after reviewing the Technical Guide or have other issues that are not addressed in the information:

Contact OYA’s Service Desk -- 503-378-4333 or jjis.helpdesk@state.or.us