Marcia Cohen

Marcia Cohen is Vice President of Research and Evaluation at Development Services Group, Inc. in Bethesda, Maryland. She is a researcher and program evaluator with over 25 years’ experience in juvenile and criminal justice. She has managed more than 30 juvenile justice evaluations on delinquents, gangs, and status offenders as well as recidivism studies for the National Institute of Justice and Administration for Children and Families.  She is the Project Director and principal developer of OJJDP’s popular Model Programs Guide, which serves as the database for the Federal Interagency Find Youth Information Web site.  She has led the development of the OJJDP DMC-Reduction Best Practices Database. For 7 years for OJJDP, she directed Title V training and JABG training, and has provided training and TA in performance measurement, evidence-based practices, and DMC to dozens of state juvenile justice specialists, DMC Coordinators, and community coalitions.  Ms. Cohen is the recipient of the 2006 Outstanding Achievement Award for juvenile justice research from The National Juvenile Court Services Association.