Lyman Legters

Lyman Legters joined Casey Family Programs as Senior Director of the Seattle Field Office in June 2002. Casey Family Programs is the largest national operating foundation with a mission focused solely on providing and improving—and ultimately preventing the need for—foster care. Casey’s Seattle Office provides a variety of services for children and youth in out of home care, and is involved in a number of community initiatives that support families and young people, positively impact racial disproportionality and inequities, and improve child serving systems.

Career Highlights

Mr. Legters has been working with children, youth and families in King County and Washington State for over twenty-five years. He has held numerous positions that span the spectrum of juvenile justice. Prior to coming to Casey Family Programs Mr. Legters served as Juvenile Justice Programs Manager for King County Superior Court, where he was responsible for managing all community based services for juvenile offenders in King County. Mr. Legters also successfully managed the implementation and delivery of evidence-based programs for King County Juvenile Court, and supported the development and state-wide implementation of the Washington State Risk Assessment Tool.

Since joining Casey Family Programs in 2002 Mr. Legters has managed the foundation’s direct service operations in Western Washington and supported Casey’s partnership with the Washington State Children’s Administration. He has served on the Governor’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee, and currently sits on the WA State Kinship Oversight Committee, the WA State Education Oversight Committee, the King County Coalition on Racial Disproportionality in Child Welfare (Executive Committee), the King County Systems Integration Initiative (Executive Committee), the King County Kinship Collaboration (Executive Committee), Reinvesting in Youth, the King County Model Courts Advisory Committee, and the King County Superior Court Operation Master Plan Cabinet.

On a national level Mr. Legters currently serves as a member of the Child Welfare League of America’s Western Region Steering Committee, National Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee, and co-Chair of the National Advisory Committee on Cultural Competence, Disproportionality and Disparity of Outcomes.

In 2007 Mr. Legters was invited to participate as a faculty member of the Georgetown University Center for Juvenile Justice Reform Certificate Program and Breakthrough Series Collaborative on Juvenile Justice/Child Welfare Systems Integration.

Selected Accomplishments      

Eliminating disproportionality and disparities for children of color has been a particular focus during Mr. Legters’ tenure at Casey Family Programs. Lyman has been an active member of the King County Coalition on Racial Disproportionality since 2003, and has served as a member of the Executive Committee since 2004. The Coalition has been nationally recognized for its work on disproportionality in the child welfare system, and is one of 4 jurisdictions around the country actively working with the Casey/CSSP Alliance on Racial Equity. The Coalition has been a catalyst on the issue locally, supporting ground breaking legislation in Washington and sponsoring the first State-wide Symposium on Disproportionality. Mr. Legters received the 2008 Award for Service and Advocacy to Communities of Color presented by the Minority Executive Directors Coalition.

Mr. Legters has demonstrated leadership and a strong focus on integrating child serving systems. He serves on the Executive Committee of the King County Systems Integration Initiative, a multi-systems initiative focused on creating an integrated and coordinated service system for vulnerable children and families. The King County Systems Integration Initiative is seen as a model effort nationally, has a number of promising accomplishments, and was largely responsible for attracting the MacArthur Foundation to the state, ultimately naming Washington as the 4th Models for Change State.

Mr. Legters is an accomplished public speaker, presenting complex issues (child welfare, juvenile justice, disproportionality, institutional racism, systems integration) in a number of venues including: the CWLA National Conference; the National Black Child Development Institute Annual Conference; the Children’s Defense Fund Cradle to Prison Pipeline Institute; Arizona State-wide Symposium on Systems Integration.  


A proven leader in child and family serving systems Mr. Legters has achieved success in developing and supporting collaborations, leading and managing organizational change (growth, downsizing, culture change), engaging with community and constituents, and managing to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and families. Mr. Legters has also demonstrated leadership in managing professional staff, budget development and fiscal management, policy analysis and implementation.