February 2008!


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During the 1995-97 biennium, Oregon’s juvenile corrections system went through many changes, made many adjustments and made much progress.  OYA sited and constructed five new secure regional youth correctional facilities (YCF) which opened in late 1997 and early 1998.

The early 2000’s brought about a decline in Oregon’s economy and a reduction of some of the juvenile services statewide.  Responding to legislative mandates in the first quarter of 2003, the Oregon Youth Authority reduced its close custody capacity by 250 beds. Facility closures occurred at Eastern Oregon YCF in Burns and Ochoco YCF in Prineville.  The OYA closed 75 beds at both North Coast and Oak Creek YCF in Warrenton and Albany respectively with local county juvenile departments maintaining small detention functions within the facilities independent of OYA operations.

In April 2005, the Oregon Youth Authority’s Advisory Committee sponsored a Young Women’s Workgroup, to analyze OYA’s programs and services being provided to young women and to make recommendations regarding its findings.

In October 2005, the Young Women’s Implementation Committee was established and charged with implementation of the recommendations made by the Young Women’s Workgroup. Two sub-committees were developed, one to address access issues that had been identified in close custody settings and the other to address access issues that had been identified in community settings. Both sub-committees were multi-disciplinary in membership and consistency was assured by both committees being chaired and facilitated by the same individuals.

The Implementation Committee recommended that the OYA provide a continuum of services and programs for young women that are gender-specific and based on research and best practice. It further recommended that these services and programs allow young women to fully complete their programs based on the case plan that has been developed for them. These statements are the conceptual framework for the development and implementation of female-specific services provided to young women at Oak Creek YCF.

The Oak Creek Youth Correctional Facility is scheduled to re-open 75 beds as a gender-specific program for young women in February of 2008.