Oregon Real Estate Agency

Oregon Revised Statutes

The Agency's statutory authority is found in the following laws:

Other important laws not administered by the Agency:

2017 Agency-Proposed Bills:

  • Senate Bill 67 - Defines “business day,” “commingle” and “main office” for purposes of certain real estate statutes. Clarifies system for registration and renewal of business names. Exempts certain checks from requirement to deposit funds into clients’ trust accounts. Requires real estate licensees to notify Real Estate Agency of certain activities regarding clients’ trust accounts. Prohibits certain individuals from sharing compensation of real estate licensee.  Summary
  • Senate Bill 68 - Changes fees related to real estate and escrow activities. Summary
  • House Bill 5037 - Relating to the financial administration of the Real Estate Agency. Also know as the Agency's "Budget Bill."

Oregon Administrative Rules

Rules administered by the Agency are found at
Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 863. 

References to administrative rules take the form of OAR 863-XX-XXXX. "XX" is the division number, and "XXXX" is the specific rule number.

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2017 Agency Proposed Rules (effective 1/1/2018)

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