LaFayette F. Moser Biography


        LaFayette Moser was born in Benton County, Kentucky, in September, 1824. He died in Roseburg, Oregon, March 26, 1890.

        The death of LaFayette Moser removed from the scenes of a long and active life a pioneer and politician whose name often appears in the state's annals. He was a son-in-law of the late Joseph Lane, and an active and aggressive partisan. To this last fact, rather than to any special qualification for the duties of the position, he owed his connection with the judiciary of the state.

        During the years of Democratic ascendancy in Oregon, he was a prominent figure in political circles, but the turn in the tide carried him, with his party co-laborers, into the offing, while advancing years and impaired health have combined to retire him from public view for several years.

        He was a man who was honored among his associates while living and one who, dying, left many to remember him and regret his death.

        He served in the Mexican War, and came to Oregon in 1853, as a lawyer. In 1855 he was appointed register of the United States Land Office at Roseburg. In 1856 he married a daughter of Joseph Lane. He was elected to the State Legislature in 1870, and in 1873, was appointed a Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court, by Governor Grover.

                (From Scott's History of Oregon)

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