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1995 Oregon Commercial Practice Manual. 
OSB.  (Category:  Debtor/Creditor/Consumer Law)
KFO2552 .O73 1995 (housed on the east mezzanine)

2003 Legislative Analysis: Criminal Law and Procedure, Juvenile Law, Traffic Offenses, and More. Seventy-Second Oregon Legislative Assembly.
OCDLA.  (Category:  Legislation)
KFO2961 .A4 2003

2009 Legislative Analysis of Criminal and Juvenile Laws.
OCDLA.  (Category:  Legislation)
KFO2961 .A4 2009

ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act, Architectural Barrier Removal & Compliance Manual: A Simplified Approach to Accessibility.
Jordan Publications.  (Category:  Civil Rights/Elimination of Bias) 
KFO2491 .H3 J67  (1998)

Administering Oregon Estates, 6D., 2012 Revision.
OSB.  (Category:  Estate Planning & Administratiion)  
KFO2547 .A93 2012

Administering Trusts in Oregon, 2D,2007 Revision. 
OSB.  (Category:  Estate Planning & Administratiion) 
KFO2537 .A935 2007

Administrative Law in Oregon.
OLI.  (Category:  Administrative Law)
KFO2840 .A75 A35 1994

Advising Oregon Businesses
OSB.  (Category:  Business Law) 
KFO2605 .A75 A3  (2001; 2003; 2004;2010)

Appeal and Review:  The Basics, 2010D.
OSB.  (Category:  Appellate Practice)
KFO2955 .A76 2010

Appealing a Property Tax Valuation to the Oregon Department of Revenue.
OSB.  (Category:  Real Property/Land Use Law)
KFO2481 .P7 Fall, 1991 (housed on the east mezzanine)

Appearing Before the Bureau of Labor and Industries
OSB.  (Category:  Labor & Employment Law)
KFO2481 .P7 Summer, 1995 (housed on the east mezzanine)

Appearing Before the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.
OSB.  (Category:  Administrative Law)
KFO2481 .P7 Spring, 1992 (housed on the east mezzanine)

Appropriate Dispute Resolution Deskbook.
SCA.  (Category:  Alternate Dispute Resolution)
KFO2960.3 .A66 1997

Arbitration and Mediation, 1996 Revision.
OSB.  (Category:  Alternate Dispute Resolution)
KFO2960.5 .A93 1996; 2008 supplement 

Bankruptcy Law, 2D., 1999 Revision.  
OSB.  (Category:  Debtor/Creditor/Consumer Law) 
KFO2621 .B36 1999; 2007 supplement

Beating the Insanity Defense:  Denying the License to Kill.
Lexington Books.   (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depositions)
KFO2966.6 .N57 1980  (housed on the east mezzanine)

Brief of the Oregon Law of Vendor and Purchaser,A.
Stevens Law.   (Category:  Business)
KFO2526 .Z9 G5  (housed on the east mezzanine)

Business Law for Business Men:  A Reference Book Showing the Laws of the State of Oregon for Daily Use in Business Affairs.
Business Law.   (Category:  Business)
KFO2552 .B55 1907   (housed on the east mezzanine)

Business Organizations [ORS Chapter 60,67.]   
Thomson West.  (Category:  Business Law)
KFO2480 .O73 (2002; annual supplements 

City Elections Manual
Elections Division.  (Category:  Government Law)   
RREF KFO2820.6 .C58 (2006)  

Civil Litigation Manual. 
See:  Oregon Civil Litigation Manual.

Civil Procedure [ORS chapters 12 - 55]
Thomson West.  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depostitions)
KFO2480 .O73 (2007); annual supplement

Code Making in Early Oregon.
University of Washington publication   (Category:  Legislation)
KFO2478 .B4   (housed on the east mezzanine)

Comparison of Former UCC Article 9 and New UCC Article 9, A.
OSB.  (Category:  UCC)
KFO2575 .W44 2001 (housed on the east mezzanine)

Confronting Wrongful Discharge Under the Laws of Oregon and Washington.
Cambridge Institute.  (Category:  Labor & Employment Law)
KFO2734.5 .E55 C38 1989

Constitution: The Oregon Constitution and Proceedings and Debates of the Constitutional Convention of 1857.
Oregon Historical Society.  (Category:  Constitutional Law)
KFO2801 1857 .A2 1926

Construction and Building Trade Laws of Oregon.
Legislative Counsel Committee.  (Category:  Construction Law)
KFO2859 .A29 C66 2010

Construction Law, 2011 Revised 3D.
OSB.  (Category:  Construction Law)
KFO2555.8 .B8 C66 2011

Consumer Law in Oregon.
OSB.  (Category:  Debtor/Creditor/Consumer Law)
KFO2630 .C66 2013

Contract Law in Oregon, 2D., 2003 Revision.
OSB.  (Category:  Contract Law)
KFO2550 .C66 2003; 2008 supplement

Creditors´ Rights and Remedies, 3D. 2002 Revision. 
OSB.  (Category:  Debtor/Creditor/Consumer Law)
KFO2620 .C73 2002; 2006 supplement 

Criminal Code of Oregon, biennial D (even years).
Oregon Legislative Counsel.  (Category:  Criminal Law)
KFO2961 .A29 O74 2006

Criminal Law, 7D., 2005 Revision.  
OSB.  (Category:  Criminal Law)
KFO2975 .C755 2005; 2006 supplement 

Criminal Law Formbook.
see OCDLA Criminal Law Formbook.

Criminal Law Newsletter.  
OCDLA.  (Category:  Criminal Law)
KFO2961 .A53 C7  (1995 to 2010.  No longer current)

DMV Hearings.
OSB.  (Category:  Automotive Law)
KFO2481 .P7  May, 1996 (housed on the east mezzanine) 
DUII/DWS Deskbook for Oregon Courts.
OJD.  (Category:  Automotive Law)
KFO2697.8 .W47 1994
DUII Trial Notebook, The, 9D. 
OCDLA.   (Category:  Automotive Law)
KFO2697.8 .D18 2008, with 2012 update 
Damages, 4D., 1998 Revision. 
OSB.  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depositions)
KFO2490 .D3 D35 1998; 2007 supplement 
Defending the Death Penalty Case:  Tips, Tactics and Practical Advice.
OCDLA.  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depositions)
KFO2966.5 .A75 D43 1998
Desk Book for Lawyers.
OSB.   (Category:  Law Practice Management)
KFO2477 .O7  (housed on the east mezzanine) 
Disciplinary Board Reporter. 
OSB.  (Category:  Ethics)
KFO2476.5 .A2 A496  (1984 to 2010.  Now online.)
Documentation of Real Estate Transactions,1D, 2008 Revision.
OSB.  (Category:  Real Property/Land Use Law)
KFO2526 .A65 D63 2008
Elder Law.
OSB.  (Category:  Elder Law)
KFO2491 .A3 E42 2000; 2005 supplement
Employment in Oregon: A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations, and Practices, 3D.
Lexis Law.  (Category:  Labor & Employment Law)
KFO2731 .K56 1998; annual supplements 
Environmental and Natural Resources Law.
OSB.  (Category:  Environmental Law)
KFO2754 .E583 2002; 2006 supplement 
Environmental Law Handbook: A Malpractice Avoidance Guide for Every Oregon Lawyer. 
OSB.  (Category:  Environmental Law)
KFO2754 .Z9 G44 1992 (housed on the east mezzanine)
Ethical Oregon Lawyer, The, 3D.
OSB.  (Category:  Ethics)
KFO2476.5 .A2 E87 2006
Etter on Municipal Home Rule in Oregon.
See: Municipal Home Rule On and Off: "Unconstitutional Law in Oregon " Now and Then
Evidence [ORS 40 to 45]
Thomson West.  (Category:  Legislation)
KFO2480 .O73 (2003) annual supplements
Fair Dismissal Appeals Board Decisions.   
DOJ.  (Category:  Labor & Employment Law)
KFO2734.5 .E55 A516  (1972 to current)
Family Law [ORS 106 to 110].  
Thomson West.  (Category:  Family & Juvenile Law)
KFO2480 .O73 (2005)
Family Law, 5D, 2002 Revision.  
OSB.  (Category:  Family & Juvenile Law)
KFO2494 .Z9 F35 2002; 2008 supplement
Family Laws of Oregon
Legislative Counsel Committee.  (Category:  Family &  Juvenile Law)
KFO2494 .Z907 2010
Federal Civil Litigation in Oregon,2009 Revision, 2D.
OSB.  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depositions)
KFO2938 .F42 2009 
Fee Agreement Compendium, 4D, 2007 Revision.
OSB.  (Category:  Law Practice Management)
KFO2477.5 .F4 F44 2007
Felony Sentencing in Oregon: Guidelines, Statutes, Cases, 4D.
OCDLA.  (Category:  Criminal Law)
KFO2983.2 B37 2002; semi-annual supplements
Foreclosing Security Interests, 4D., 1997 Revision.
OSB.  (Category:  Real Property/Land Use Law)
KFO2575 .F67 1997; 2005 supplement
Fundamentals of Real Estate Transactions.
OSB.  (Category:  Real Property/Land Use Law)
KFO2526 .F86 1992; 2001 supplement
Guardianships, Conservatorships, and Transfers to Minors, 5D, 2009 Revision.
OSB.  (Category:  Estate Planning & Administration) 
KFO2506 .G8 2009
Guide to Setting up and Using Your Lawyer Trust Account, A.
OSB.  (Category:  Law Practice Management)
KFO2537 .W55 2003 (housed on the east mezzanine)
Insurance.  Revised D.
OSB.  (Category:  Insurance Law)
KFO2585 I47 1996; 2003 supplement.
Replaced by title below in 2011
Insurance Law, The Basics
[Replaces, "Insurance Law"]
OSB.  (Category:  Insurance Law)
KFO2585 .I54 2011
Insurance Laws of Oregon.
Legislative Counsel Committee.  (Category:  Insurance Law)     
KFO2585 .A29 I57 2006 
Interpreting Oregon Law.
OSB.  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation)
KFO2488.5 I58 2009
Jurisdiction and Summons in Oregon.
Butterworth Legal.  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depositions)
KFO2932 .M47 1986
Juvenile Law, 3D, 2007 Revision.
OSB.  (Category:  Family & Juvenile Law)
KFO2996 .J88 2007
LUBA Citator.
LUBA.  (Category:  Real Property/Land Use Law)
(1999)  Shelved after Oregon LUBA Reports.
LUBA Digest.  [DuBay´s LUBA Digest.]  
LUBA.   (Category:  Real Property/Land Use Law)
(1988, 1995)  Shelved after Oregon LUBA Reports.
Labor and Employment Law: Private Sector, 2D., 2011 Revision.
OSB.  (Category:  Labor & Employment Law)
KFO2731 .L32 2011
Labor and Employment Law: Public Sector, 3D, 2011 rev.
OSB.   (Category:  Labor & Employment Law)
KFO2721 L32 2011
Labor, Employment and Workers´ Compensation Laws of Oregon.
Legislative Counsel Committee.   (Category:  Workers´ Compensation)    
KFO2742 .A29 W67 2006
Land Use, 4D.
OSB.  (Category:  Real Property/Land Use Law)
KFO2858 .L36 2010
Landlord/Tenant Rights in Oregon, 7D.
Self-Counsel Press.  (Category:  Real Property/Land Use Law)     
KFO2517 .Z9 M37 2004
Landlord and Tenant Laws of Oregon. 
Legislative Counsel Committee.  (Category:  Real Property/Land Use Law)     
KFO2517 .A29 2010
Laws, Etc. [Compiled Statutes: 1902].     
Bancroft-Whitney.  (Category:  Legislation)
KFO2430.5 .B45 1902 (Shelved with old ORS)

Laws, etc.  Oregon Revised Statutes: ORS 1953D, Prior Legislative History.
Legislative Counsel Committee.  (Category:  Legislation)    
(1993)  Shelved with the ORS.
Legislative History Materials
Council on Court Procedures.  (Category:  Legislation)    
KFO2929 .A316 A15:     
Legislative History of the Oregon Constitution of 1857, A.
College of Law, Willamette University.  (Category:  Legislation)
KFO2801 1857 .A29 B87 2001
Legislative History Relating to Promulgation of Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure.  
The Council [Eugene, OR].  (Category:  Legislation)          
KFO2929 .A315 . A15 1979
Major Crimes and Defenses.
OCDLA.  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depositions)
KFO2975 .A75 M35 2004
Making the Initiative Work for Oregon:  A City Club Report on Reforming the Initiative, Referrendum & Referral Systems in Oregon.
City Club of Portland.  (Category:  Legislation)
KFO2819 .D46 2008
Mental Health and Criminal Defense.
OCDLA.  (Category:  Criminal Law)
KFO2966.6 .B37 2010
Municipal Home Rule in Oregon: Unfulfilled Revolution.
U of O, School of Law.  (Category:  Government Law)
KFO2831.9 .H6 E884 1995
Municipal Home Rule On and Off: "Unconstitutional Law in Oregon" Now and Then. 
U of O, School of Law.  (Category:  Government Law)     
KFO2831.9 .H6 E88 1991
OCDLA Criminal Law Formbook, The, 2011 D.
OCDLA.  (Category:  Criminal Law)
KFO2961 .A65 C75 2011
OCDLA Search and Seizure Manual, The, 5D.
OCDLA.  (Category:  Criminal Law)   
KFO2976.5 .O13 2008; semi-annual supplements
Oregon Administrative Law., 2D.
OSB.  (Category:  Administrative Law)
KFO2840 .O73 2010
Oregon Administrative Rules
Secretary of State.  (Category:  Administrative Law)
KFO2434.5 .O74 1997
Oregon Administrative Rules Compilation.
Secretary of State.  (Category:  Administrative Law) 
(no call number)  updated monthly
Oregon Automobile Law: A Compilation.
OSB.  (Category:  Automotive Law)
KFO2697 .O74 2005
Oregon Bankruptcy.  
Butterworth Legal.  (Category:  Debtor/Creditor/Consumer Law)
KFO2621 .S56 1994
Oregon Civil Litigation Manual, 4D, 2004 Revision.  
OSB.  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depositions)
KFO2938.C58 2004; 2009 supplement
Oregon Civil Pleading and Practice, 6D, 2012 Revision.  
OSB.  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depositions)
KFO2935 .A6 O68 2012 

Oregon Compiled Laws Annotated: Containing the General Laws of Oregon to and Including Those Enacted at the Fortieth Regular Session of the Legislative Assembly, with Annotations to Decisions of the Supreme Court of Oregon and the United States Courts. 

Bancroft-Whitney Company.  (Category:  Legislation)
(1940) Shelved with old ORS
Oregon Constitution: A Survey of Significant State Provisions.
OLI.  (Category:  Constitutional Law)
KFO2802 .A75 O728 1995
Oregon Constitution and Proceedings and Debates of the Constitutional Convention of 1857, The.
See: Constitution:  The Oregon Constitution and Proceedings and Debates of the Constitutional Convention of 1857
Oregon Constitutional Law.
See: Oregon State Bar Continuing Legal Education and the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon Present Oregon Constitutional Law.
Oregon Corporate & Securities Law.
Wallingford Press.  (Category:  Business)
KFO2613 .M34 1988
Oregon Corporation Law & Practice.
Prentice Hall Law & Business.  (Category:  Business)    
KFO2613 .G56 1991
Oregon Criminal Code.
Oregon Criminal Law Revision Commission.  (Category:  Criminal Law)
KFO2961 .A333 O71  (1970-1975)
Oregon Criminal Practice.
Michie.  (Category:  Criminal Law)
KFO2975 .W47 1996; 2000 supplement
Oregon Disciplinary Board Reporter.
See: Disciplinary Board Reporter 
Oregon Evidence, 6D.
Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender.  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depositions)
KFO2940 .K57 2013; annual supplements
Oregon Family Law Code, 6D.
Legislative Counsel Committee.  (Category:  Family & Juvenile Law)
KFO2494 .Z907 2004
Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions, 2005 Revised D.
OSB.  (Category:  Ethics)
KFO2476.5 .A2 O7 2005; 2011 suppplement
Oregon Government Ethics Commission Advisory Opinion. 
Oregon Government Ethics Commission.  (Category:  Ethics)   
KFO2806 .A55  (1974-1993)
Oregon Government Ethics Commission Informal Advisory Opinion.  
Oregon Government Ethics Commission.  (Category:  Ethics)       
KFO2806 .A551  (1979-1991) 
Oregon Government Law.
OLI.  (Category:  Government Law)       
KFO2840 .O74 1991; 1995 supplement 
Oregon Government Standards and Practices Commission Advisory Opinion. 
Oregon Government Standards and Practices Commission.  (Category:  Government Law)     
KFO2806 .A552  (1993-2001)
Oregon Health Law Manual Series
OSB.  (Category:  Medical & Health Law)
KFO2760 .O73 (housed on the east mezzanine) 
Oregon Judges Criminal Benchbook, 2005 D.
OJD.  (Category:  Criminal Law)
KFO2975 .O73 2005  (on-line version available)
Oregon Judicial Conduct Committee Opinions.
DOJ publication   (Category:  Ethics)
KFO2925.5 .D5 O732 1978
Oregon Law & Practice Series.
See: Business Organizations [ORS Chapters 60, 67]
        Civil Procedure [ORS Chapters 12-55]        
        Evidence [ORS Chapters 40-45]
        Family Law [ORS Chapters 106-110]

(from Thomson West Publishers)
Oregon Law of Family Relations, The
Binsford and Mort.   (Category:  Family & Juvenile Law)
KFO2494 .A3 1941   (housed on the east mezzanine)
Oregon Legal Research,2D.
Carolina Academic Press.  (Category:  Law Practice Management)
KFO2475 .R69 2007
Oregon Legislation Highlights.
OSB.  (Category:  Legislation)
Shelved by, "Laws of the State of Oregon". 
Oregon Litigation and Arbitration Reports. 
Jury Verdicts Northwest.  (Category:  Alternative Dispute Resolution)
KFO2597 .P3 O73 (2004 to current; monthly supplements.)
Oregon Local Government Law.
OLI.  (Category:  Government Law)
KFO2831 .O74 1991
Oregon Nonprofit Corporation Handbook, The, 4D.
Technical Assistance for Community Services (T.A.C.S.).  (Category:  Business)
KFO2611 .C85 2005
Oregon Probate System Manual.
OSB .  (Category:  Estate Planning & Administration)
KFO2544 .O74 1987
Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure and Amendments: 1979-1981 Biennium.  
Oregon Council on Court Procedures.  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depositions)
KFO2929 .A316 A15 1980
Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure in the Courts, The:  Analysis of Oregon Appellate Cases Relating to the ORCP
OLI.  (Category:  Appellate Practice)
KFO2955 .M47 1988
Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct Annotated, 6D.
OLI.  (Category:  Ethics) 
KFO2476.5 .A2 O75 2010
Oregon Securities Law Handbook, 1991.
OSB.  (Category:  Business)
KFO2614 .A1 M32 1991 (housed on the east mezzanine)
Oregon Sentencing Guidelines Grid
OCDLA.  (Category:  Criminal Law)
KFO 2983.2 B37  (Published biennially)  filed with Felony Sentencing in Oregon 
Oregon State Bar Continuing Legal Education and the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon Present Oregon Constitutional Law.
OSB.  (Category:  Constitutional Law)
KFO2802 .A75 O73 1985
Oregon State Bar Desk Reference, The: A Guide to the Regulatory Programs of The Oregon State Bar.  Maybe cited as, "OSB Desk Reference (1990)"
OSB.  (Category:  Law Practice Management)
KFO2477 .R53 1990; 1993 supplement
Oregon State Police Manual of Policies, Rules and Proceedings.
Oregon State Police.  (Category:  Administrative Law)
(1995, with updates to 2002)   Shelved before Oregon LUBA Decisions.
Oregon State Sheriff´s Association Civil Process Manual.
Oregon State Sheriff´s Association.  (Category:  Administrative Law)
KFO2926 .S4 D382 2006  (Ask at the reference desk for location.)    
Oregon Statutory Time Limitations, 2003 Revision.
OSB.  (Category:  Legislation)
KFO2490 .L5 O74 2003
Oregon Trial Objections 2009
OSB.  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation)
KFO2940 .O74 2009
Oregon Uniform Civil Jury Instructions, 2005 Revision.
OSB.  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depositions)
KFO2942.6 .A65 O74 2005; annual supplements
Oregon Uniform Commercial Code, 2D.  
Butterworth Legal.  (Category:  UCC) 
KFO2552 .B35 1990  (with 1999 supplement)
Oregon Uniform Criminal Jury Instructions, 2009 Revision.
OSB.  (Category:  Criminal Law)
KFO2983 .A65 O73 2010; annual supplements 
Oregon Water Law.
Seminar Group.  (Category:  Environmental Law)
KFO2846 .Z9 O74 2003
Oregon´s Comprehensive Criminal Justice Plan.
Oregon Law Enforcement Council.  (Category:  Criminal Law)
KFO2962 .A85 1976
Oregon´s Legal Guide for Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children.
AARP.  (Category:  Family & Juvenile Law)
KFO2504.6 .A75 O74 2005
Oregon´s Uniform Commercial Code: Enacted in 1961, Effective Sept. 1, 1963.
Legislative Counsel Committee.  (Category:  UCC)
KFO2552 .A3 1962
Pedal Power: A Legal Guide for Oregon Bicyclists, 3D.
OSB.  (Category:  Automotive Law)
KFO2697.75 .B53 2002 
Post Judgment and Extrordinary Remedies.
OCDLA.  (Category:  Appellate Practice)
KFO2952 .P67 2012

Planning Ahead: A Guide to Protecting Your Clients´ Interests in the Event of Your Disability or Death.
OSB.  (Category:  Law Practice Management)
KFO2477 .F57 1999 (housed on the east mezzanine)
Practical Guide to Oregon Criminal Procedure & Practice, A, 4D.
by DeMuniz, Paul,
Templeton Press.  (Category:  Criminal Law)
KFO2975 .D46 2011 (2008 & 2005 D on east balconey.)
Practice Guides, OSB.
KFO2481 .P7
     Appealing a Property Valuation to the Oregon Department of Revenue
     Appearing Before the Bureau of Labor & Industries
     Appearing Before the Oregon Liquor Control Commission
     DMV Hearings    
     Using Oregon´s Administrative Procedures Act in Contested Cases  
Practitioner´s Guide to Oregon Administrative Law, A.
OLI.  (Category:  Administrative Law)
KFO2840 .P73 1990
Principles of Oregon Real Estate Law.
OSB.  (Category:  Real Propert/Land Use Law)
KFO2526 .P75 1995; 2003 supplement
Professional Responsibility Manual.
OSB.   (Category:  Law Practice Management)
KFO2476.5 .A2 P76 1985   (housed on the east mezzanine)
Progress Report of the Oregon Supreme Court Implementation Committee: A Commitment to Fairness.
SCA.  (Category:  Civil Rights/ Elimination of Bias)
KFO2910 R48 (1996)
Property Tax Law Abstracts.
Oregon Department of Revenue.  (Category:  Real Property/Land Use Law)
FO2878.A453  (1993)
Real Estate Disputes.
OSB .  (Category:  Real Property/Land Use Law)
KFO2526 .R4 1993; 2002 supplement
Real Estate Series Master Index.
Index for the "Real Property Series":
     Documentation of Real Estate Transactions
     Fundamentals of Real Estate Transactions
     Principles of Oregon Real Estate Law
     Real Estate Disputes
     Regulation and Taxation of Real Estate
OSB.  (Category:  Real Property/Land Use Law)   
KFO2526 .Z9 R42  (2003)
Regulation and Taxation of Real Estate.
OSB.  (Category:  Real Property/Land Use Law)
KFO2526 .R438 1995; 2003 supplement
Report of the Oregon Supreme Court Task Force on Racial/Ethnic Issues in the Judicial System.
SCA.  (Category:  Civil Rights/Elimination of Bias)
KFO2910 .R47 1994
Resolving Mobile Home Park Landlord/Tenant Disputes.
U of O.  (Category:  Real Property/Land Use Law)
KFO2686 .T68 R48 1988
Rights of Children and Adolescents, The.
OSB.  (Category:  Family & Juvenile Law)
KFO2491 .M5 H37 2006
Rights of Foreign Nationals, 2010D.
OSB  (Category:  Civil Rights)
KFO2814 .R54 2010
Rules of Procedure.
State of Oregon.  (Category:  Ethics)
KFO2925.5 .D5 A32 1987 
Scientific Evidence:  A Manual for Oregon Defense Attorneys.
OSB  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depositions)
KFO2941.5 .A6 S25 2012

Sex, Lies and Mandatory Minimums. 
OCDLA.  (Category:  Criminal Law)
KFO2975 .S49  (1998)
State Documents Bibliography, Oregon:  A Survey of Oregon State Legal and Law-Related Documents.
AALL publication  (Category:  Government Law)
KFO2475 .M53 2009

State Personnel Relations Law Digest, 1980-1992, The.
State of Oregon.  (Category:  Labor & Employment Law)
(1980-1992)  Shelved before LUBA Reports 
Statistical Report Relating to the Circuit and District Courts of the State of Oregon.  
SCA.  (Category:  Government Law)
KFO2471 .S7 
Supplementary Local Rules of the Oregon Trial Courts:  Including Arbitration. 
OJD.  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depositions)
KFO2929 .A23  (1985, then 1990 to current; annual supplements)
Tips for the Litigator:  A Handbook of Oregon Trial Procedure
OLI   (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depositions)
KFO2938 .J65 1994  (housed on the east mezzinine)
Torts, 4D, 2012 revision,

OSB.  (Category:  Torts)
KFO2595 .T67 2012 
Tortured History, A: the Story of Capital Punishment in Oregon, 1D.
OCDLA.  (Category:  Criminal Law)
KFO2965 .C2 L66 2001 & 2001a
Trial Notebook, The. 
OCDLA.  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depositions)
KFO2979 .T75 2013 
Uniform Civil Jury Instructions, 2005 Revision.
See:  Oregon Uniform Civil/Criminal Jury Instructions.
Uniform Criminal Jury Instructions.
See:  Oregon Uniform Civil/Criminal Jury Instructions.
Uniform Trial Court Rules, Including Amendments. 
OJD.  (Category:  Trial Practice & Litigation/Depositons)
KFO2929 .A22  (1985 to current; annual D, missing 1990)
Using Oregon´s Administrative Procedures Act in Contested Cases.
OSB Practice Guides.  (Category:  Administrative Law)
KFO2481 .P7 Fall 1992 (housed on the east mezzanine) 

Using Small Claims Court in Oregon.
By Haas, Janay, JD. (Category: Debtor/Creditor/Consumer Law)
SOLL Ready Reference stand (housed next to Reference Desk)
Where the People Rule:  OR, The Initiative and Referendum, Direct Primary Law and the Recall in Use in the State of Oregon.
Bender-Moss.   (Categories:  Government; Legislation)
KFO2819 .H4 1914   (housed on the east mezzanine)  
Workers´ Compensation, 7D, 2008 Revision.
OSB.  (Category:  Workers´ Compensation)    
KFO2742 .W64 2008