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Category: Legislation
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2003 Legislative Analysis: Criminal Law and Procedure, Juvenile Law, Traffic Offenses, and More. Seventy-Second Oregon Legislative Assembly.
By:  Skye, Kelly
Content:  Criminal law, procedure.
OCDLA publication
KFO2961 .A4 2003
2009 Legislative Analysis of Criminal and Juvenile Laws.
Compiled by:  Meyer, Gail
Content:  Criminal and juvenile law aspects.
OCDLA publication
KFO2961 .A4 2009
Code Making in Early Oregon.
By:  Beardsley, Arthur
Content:  bibliography, Oregon Statutes, territorial codes of Washington.
University of Washington publication
KFO2478 ,B4   (housed on the east mezzanine)
Evidence [ORS 40 to 45]
(V.3 of Thomson West´s, "Oregon Laws & Practice Series".)
By:  Tornquist, Leroy
Content:  Evidence law.  Forms.
Thomson West publication
KFO2480 .O73  (2003; annual supplements)
Legislative History Materials
Content:  Civil procedure, court rules.
Council on Court Procedures publication
KFO2929 .A316 A15:     
                               The 1979-81 Biennium: See OR Rules of Civil Procedure and Amendments
                                      1982.  The 1981-83 Biennium
                                      1984.  The 1983-85 Biennium     
                                      1987.  The 1985-87 Biennium
                                      1989.  The 1987-89 Biennium
                                      1992.  The 1989-91 Biennium
                                      1993.  The 1991-93 Biennium
                                      1995.  The 1993-95 Biennium
                                      1997.  The 1995-97 Biennium
                                      1999.  The 1997-99 Biennium
                                      2001.  The 1999-2001 Biennium
                                      2003.  The 2001-03 Biennium
                                      2005.  The 2003-05 Biennium
Legislative History of the Oregon Constitution of 1857, A.
By:  Burton, Claudia and Grade, Andrew
Content:  Oregon constitution, history, convention, law.
College of Law, Willamette University, publication
KFO2801 1857 .A29 B87 2001
Legislative History Relating to Promulgation of Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure.  
(7 volumes)
By:  Council on Court Procedures
Content:  Civil procedure, court rules.
The Council [Eugene, OR] publication
KFO2929 .A315 . A15 1979
Making the Initiative Work for Oregon:  A City Club Report on Reforming the Initiative, Referrendum & Referral Systems in Oregon.
City Club of Portland publication.
KFO2819 .D46 2008
Oregon Legislation Highlights.
Content:  Law.
OSB CLE publication 
(1999 to current, biennial.  Includes 2008 special session.)  Shelved by, "Laws of the State of Oregon". 
Oregon Statutory Time Limitations, 2003 Revision.
Content:  Time, limitation of actions.
OSB Professional Liability Fund publication
KFO2490 .L5 O74 2003
STATUTES OF OREGON (shelved on the last row behind the reference desk)
     General Laws of Oregon.  1843-1864
     Hill´s Annotated Laws of Oregon 1887-1892
     The Codes and Statutes of Oregon, 1902
     Lord´s Oregon Laws, including 1909
     Oregon Laws, 1920-1929
     Oregon Code Annotated, 1930, supp. 1920-1929
     Oregon Compiled Laws Annotated, 1939, supp. 1943,1947
     Oregon Revised Statutes, 1953 forward (currentORS shelved by reference desk)
Where the People Rule:  Or, The Initiative and Referendum, Direct Primary Law and the Recall in Use in the State of Oregon.
By:  Hedges, Gilbert
Content:  Courts, law practice, sample ballot, Oregon code sections, constitution.
Bender-Moss publication
KFO2819 .H4 1914 [housed on the East Mezzanine]