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Category: Trial Practice & Litigation
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Beating the Insanity Defense:  Denying the License to Kill.
By:  Nissman, David, Barnes, Brian, Alpert, Geoffrey
Content:  Forensic psychiatry, insanity law
Lexington Books publication
KFO2966.6 .N57 1980  (housed on the east mezzanine)
Civil Litigation Manual. 
See:  Oregon Civil Litigation Manual.

Civil Procedure [ORS chapters 12 - 55]
V. 6-8 of Thomson West´s, "Oregon Laws & Practice Series".
By:  Tornquist, Leroy
Content:  Civil rules, civil statutes, forms.
Thomson West publication. 
KFO2480 .O73 (2007); annual supplement
Damages, 4D., 1998 Revision.  
Edited by:  Selander, Robert, et al.
Content:  Damages. 
OSB publication 
KFO2490 .D3 D35 1998; 2007 supplement
Defending the Death Penalty Case:  Tips, Tactics and Practical Advice.
From October 9-10, 1998 program, featuring: McNally, Kevin.
Content:  Capital punishment, criminal procedure. 
OCDLA publication
KFO2966.5 .A75 D43 1998
Federal Civil Litigation in Oregon, 2009 Revision, 2D.
Editors:  Crispin, Craig, et. al.
Content:  Overview, electronic info, jurisdiction,various procedures 
OSB publication 
KFO2938 .F42 2009 
Interpreting Oregon Law.
Editor-in-Chief:  Honorable Jack Landau
Content:  Statutory interpretation, constitution, initiatives, referendums. 
OSB publication 
KFO2488.5 I58 2009
Jurisdiction and Summons in Oregon. 
By:  Merrill, Fredric
Content:  Jurisdiction, summons.
Butterworth Legal Publishers publication
KFO2932 .M47 1986
Major Crimes and Defenses.
Edited by:  Shertz, Laurie and Bornstein, Tony
Content:  Criminal law, actions, defenses. 
OCDLA publication 
KFO2975 .A75 M35 2004
Oregon Civil Litigation Manual, 4D., 2004 Revision.  
By:  OSB
Content:  Civil procedure, trial practice.  
OSB publication
KFO2938.C58 2004; 2009 supplement
Oregon Civil Pleading and Practice, 6D., 2012 Revision.  
Editors:  Schroer, Janet, Skerritt, Larson
Content:  Civil procedure, pleading.  Forms on CD ROM. 
OSB publication 
KFO2935 .A6 O68 2012
Oregon Evidence, 5D.
By:  Kirkpatrick, Laird
Content:  Evidence
Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender publication. 
KFO2940 .K57 2007; annual supplements
Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure and Amendments: 1979-1981 Biennium.  
(See:  "Legislative History Materials" for subsequent years.)
By:  Oregon Council on Court Procedures
Content:  Civil procedure, court rules.
Oregon Council on Court Procedures publication
KFO2929 .A316 A15 1980
Oregon Trial Objections 2009 
Edited by:  Eggum, Susan, Houze, Stephen, Wallan, James
Content:  Understanding and properly using objections. 
OSB publication. 
KFO2940 .O74 2009
Oregon Uniform Civil Jury Instructions, 2005 rev.
By:  OSB Committee on Uniform Jury Instructions
Content:  Instructions to juries.  Forms, CD ROM.
OSB publication 
KFO2942.6 .A65 O74 2005; annual supplements 
Scientific Evidence:  A Manual for Oregon Defense Attorneys
By:  Sali, Kevin
OSB publication
KFO2941.5 .A6 S25 2012

Supplementary Local Rules of the Oregon Trial Courts:  Including Arbitration. 
By:  Oregon Judicial Department
Content:  Court rules. 
OJD publication
KFO2929 .A23 (1985, then 1990 to current; annual supplements)
Tips for the Litigator:  A Handbook of Oregon Trial Procedure
By:  Jones, Robert
Content:  Preparing for trial, jury, trial, tips from the bench. 
OLI publication  
KFO2938 .J65 1994  (housed on the east mezzinine)
Trial Notebook, The. 
Editor:  Raschio, Robert
Content:  UTCR, evidence, electronic, jury, trial aspects.  
OCDLA publication
KFO2979 .T75 2000
Uniform Civil Jury Instructions.
See:  Oregon Uniform Civil Jury Instructions.
Uniform Trial Court Rules, Including Amendments, annual D. 
By:  Oregon Judicial Department
Content:  Court rules.  Forms. 
OJD publication
KFO2929 .A22  (1985 to current, missing 1990)