Critical Oregon Airport Relief Program (COAR)

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Fifty percent of the amounts from the fuel tax increase shall be distributed for the following purposes:
    (A)  To assist airports in Oregon with match requirements for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program
    (B)  To make grants for emergency preparedness and infrastructure projects, in accordance with the Oregon Resilience Plan,  
            including seismic studies, emergency generators, etc.
    (C) To make grants for:
               1.  Services critical or essential to aviation including, but not limited to, fuel, sewer, water and weather equipment.
               2.  Aviation-related business development including, but not limited to, hangars, parking for business aircraft and related
               3.  Airport development for local economic benefit including, but not limited to, signs and marketing. 
State Aviation Board:
 Staff Report (Pending)
 Staff Presentation to the State Aviation Board (Pending)

Aviation Review Committee (ARC):
Aviation Review Committee (ARC) Notice and Agenda (Pending)
Staff presentation to the ARC (Pending)
ARC Recommendations for
Priority I, II and III (Pending)

ARC Recording:
Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV (Pending)
ARC Minutes (Pending)
Staff Outreach:
OAMA Presentation March XX, 2018
COAR Application Assistance: 
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Heather Peck
ODA Planning and Projects Manager
Nohemi Ramos
Fiscal Analyst / Grant Coordinator
Matt Lawyer
Program Coordinator