The Board of Boiler Rules helps the director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services formulate rules for the safe construction, installation, inspection, operation, maintenance, and repair of boilers and pressure vessels. The board also oversees licensing and enforcement actions relating to boiler and pressure vessels to ensure that the people involved are appropriately licensed and the work meets minimum safety standards.​​

​​​​Board meetings

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March 6, 2018

Dec. 5, 2017

Sept. 12, 2017

Schedule of all meetings​ 

Board members

Board positions
Members are appointed by the governor and subject to confirmation by the Senate. The Board of Boiler Rules has 11 members with four-year terms to include the following representation: 

  • An owner/user of high pressure boiler or a representative and employee of an owner/user who has practical experience with high pressure boilers
  • A manufacturer of boilers or pressure vessels or a representative and employee of a manufacturer of boilers or of pressure vessels
  • An insurance inspector
  • A mechanical engineer
  • A boilermaker
  • An owner and user or who is a representative and employee of an owner and user of a low pressure boiler (Vacant)​
  • An owner and user or who is a representative and employee of an owner and user of a pressure vessel and who has had practical experience with pressure vessels
  • An owner or employee of a business engaged in the installation and repair of boilers
  • A steamfitter (Vacant)​
  • A practical steam operating engineer
  • A public​ member
NamePositionContact Info
Blake AlexanderChair, Boiler installation and repair503-853-4514
Eric AndersonVice-chair, Mechanical engineer503-263-3280
Thomas EngstromBoilermaker503-936-9662
Roger HendrixManufacturer/owner of boilers or pressure vessels503-841-4100
Kenneth HillOwner/operator pressure vessel541-741-5210
Jon HookerOwner/user high pressure boiler971-221-3311
Greg ItohPublic member503-915-6695
Patrick LambPractical steam operating engineer541-844-6416
Gregory MoyerInsurance inspector 503-991-2134

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