Continuing education

​​​​​​​​​​Apply to become a CE provider

Individuals or businesses seeking to provide continuing education courses, including both live and online courses, must submit a instructor application​​ and be approved by the appropriate state board. There is no fee to become a CE provider.

  • Providers must submit a course application for each course they intend to offer. Each course must be approved by the appropriate state board.
  • In addition to the course application, an online provider must provide either a link to the Web-based content (including login information if content is secured) or screenshots for the online course content.
  • Applications for both provider and course approval may be submitted concurrently, and at any time during a three-year code cycle.

​Notification of provider and course approval

Continuing education provider and course applications are reviewed and approved by state boards.

  • Continuing education committees review provider and course applications, and recommend action to the appropriate board approximately six weeks befofe a board meeting. Boards typically meet monthly or quarterly.
  • Once the board has taken its final action, Building Codes Division staff will notify a provider of the board’s decisions.
  • Previously approved CE providers may be asked to periodically provide an updated working/teaching history, appropriate license, and relevant education degrees, if applicable.

Correct reporting procedures

Instructors must electronically submit attendee rosters to BCD in an Excel spreadsheet. It is important to follow these specific instructions. Note: BCD no longer accepts original rosters, copies of rosters, emails listing attendees, or any format other than the Ex​cel spreadsheet.

  • Providers must document course completion and give proof to each attendee.
  • For multi-part courses, instructors must provide the names of individuals only after they have completed all parts of the course, unless parts or a combination of parts are approved separately.
  • A civil penalty may be issued or other action taken, including revocation of approval of a continuing education course or instructor, for failure to meet the requirements.​