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May 10 | Residential and Manufactured Structures Board | 9:30 a.m. | View the live meeting​

Code review committee

This committee serves and assists in technical review for the 2017 Oregon Electrical Specialty Code (OESC).

Meetings and notices

Sept. 1 - ​​​Oct. 15, 2016​ ​​Code amendment proposal period notice​​​
Nov. 29, 2016​​ ​​Agenda | Minutes | Video
​​​Dec. 13, 2016 ​​​Agenda | Minutes​ | Video​
​​​Jan. 10, 2017 ​​Agenda​ | ​Minutes | Video​
​​​Jan. 24, 2017 ​​Agenda | ​Minutes | Video​
​​​Feb. 7, 2017 ​​Agenda​ | Minutes​ | Video​
​​​​Feb. 28, 2017 ​​​Agenda​ | Minutes​​ | Video​​
​Mar. 23, 2017 ​Electrical and Elevator Board Review

Committee resources

Electrical code amendment proposals​​
Electrical code program

Committee members

​​Nath​​an​​ Philips​​​​​ ​NECA, Technical Consultant, Committee Chair
Brett Welland​ ​City of Portland, Electrical inspector
Ken Filips​​ ​Bergelectric Corporation
John McCamish​​ ​NIETC, Electrical training
Jim Alexander ​City of Albany, Electrical inspector
Mike Weaver​ ​M & W Electric, Inc., Board member
Randy Smith​​ ​Lincoln County, Electrical inspector
Jon Coulimore​​​ ​JC Electric, Inc.
Joe Goschie​​​ ​City of Eugene, Lead Inspector​​​​​​​​​​

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Meeting place

​Building Codes Division

Conference Room A
1535 Edgewater Street​ NW
Salem, OR 97304