Inspector certifications

Step 1: Review the qualifications

Review the specific qualifications for each certification listed at the end of the application form. Certification qualifications​

Oregon Inspector Certification (OIC)​ verification

Every individual who performs building official duties, code inspections, or plan reviews must hold a valid OIC in addition to an Oregon code certification. The OIC can only be obtained by completing a class through the Oregon Inspector Training Program.​

Step 2: Apply

Fill out the Application for Certification​. ​
Don't forget to:
  • Complete the work history
  • Sign the applicant affidavit
  • Indicate your preferred exam location

Training or work experience verification

Use the Certification Experience Verification Form​ to verify your training and/or work experience. Submit one form for each employer.


Review the application checklist​ to ensure all the required information is included with the application.

​​Submit your application

Mail or fax all completed documents in a single packet to the Building Codes Division.
The mailing address and payment instructions are listed on page one of the application.
To protect your personal information, do not email any documents to the division.

Step 3: Schedule and take the exam

After your application is received and approved, the division will mail you a letter of authorization that details how to schedule the licensing exam.

​Learn more about taking exams.

After the exam is completed, you will be notified by mail of the results no later than two weeks after taking the exam. If you pass the exam, your certification will be mailed to you.​​​​