Inspector certifications

Scope of work

Medical gas plumbing inspectors conduct inspections on medical gas plumbing installations.

Applicable rules: OAR 918-695-0410​

Certification pathways​

To obtain this certification, enroll in the division MGI training course​ or convert a national certification to the Oregon code certification. Review the following qualifications to decide which path is best for you.

Specific qualifications

In order to obtain a Medical Gas Plumbing Inspector certification a person must have the following:

  • A valid Oregon Inspector Certification (OIC) and
  • An Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code Inspector certification (PI) and
  • Submit to the division a copy of a valid ASSE 6020 medical gas certification; or
  • Successfully complete a training course for medical gas plumbing inspectors administered by the division

Certificat​ion pathways