Inspector certifications

Scope of work

Plumbing specialty code inspectors conduct inspections and plan reviews on commercial and residential plumbing work to ensure compliance with the Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code.

Applicable rules: OAR 918-695-0400​

Certification pathways

​To obtain this certification you must qualify and take the division exam.

Core qualifications

An individual seeking this code certification must first obtain the Oregon Inspector Certification (OIC)​. In addition, one of the following must be met:

  • ​Two years of experience performing building permit inspections or plan reviews for or on behalf a jurisdiction
  • A bachelor's or master's degree in architecture or engineering; or be a certified architect or engineer​
Individuals who do not meet one of the above qualifications may instead complete a code certification training course administered by the division. (If hired by a municipality, this requirement must be met within six months of hire.)​

Specific qualifications

To qualify using inspection experience you must have one of the following:​

  • Four years of work experience exclusively plumbing installation inspections of which at least two years is of commercial, industrial, and multi-family structures
  • Four years of work experience exclusively in the inspection of residential installations, and the completion of a division-approved plumbing inspector training program
  • An Oregon Residential Plumbing Inspector certification (CAP)​​ issued prior to April 1, 1998 with five years of plumbing inspection experience​

To qualify using trade experience you must have three years of employment and experience as an Oregon journeyman plumber (JP) or its equivalent

To qualify using education and training you must have a degree in mechanical engineering or certified professional registration with two years of work experience in plumbing design, installation, or inspection

An individual can also qualify using a combination of experience or education equivalent to the options above.​​​​​​​

​​Certification pathways