Inspector certifications

Scope of work

​​Specialized finals inspectors conduct final inspections of one- and two-family dwellings constructed under the Oregon Residential Specialty Code (ORSC), limited to finals inspection in residential dwellings and accessory structures of structural components and mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems where the item inspected was previously inspected and approved, or where a previous inspection and approval is not required, and the item is otherwise ready for inspection, except:

  • Electrical systems with a service in excess of 400 amps
  • Emergency and stand-by power generation equipment
  • Solar photovoltaic installations
  • Swimming pools

Where a component or installation is sufficiently complex, a building official may limit the authority of a specialized finals inspector to less than the scope of work allowed by this section.

Applicable rules: OAR 918-098-1580​

Certification pathways

​To obtain this certification you must enroll in the Division SFI training course.
Note: The division is not currently offering a Specialized Finals Inspector course.

Specific qualifications

As a condition of entering an SFI training course, the applicant must have at least one appropriate certification to perform either residential or commercial mechanical, structural, electrical, or plumbing inspections in Oregon.​​