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Required 2017 Oregon code change training

Code change classes related to the adoption of the 2017 Oregon Electrical, Plumbing, and Residential Structural Specialty codes will be available beginning in October.

All individuals who hold active Oregon specialty code certifications prior to the 2017 code adoption date of Oct. 1, 2017 are required to attend a code change class instructed by BCD for each active certification.

Which certifications require code change training?

​These certifications require completion of a BCD code change class:
  • Commercial and Residential Electrical Inspectors (EI, SEI, CAE)
  • Commercial and Residential Plumbing Inspectors (PI, MGI, SPI, CAP)
  • Residential Structural Inspectors (CAS, CAX)

These certifications do NOT require code change training at this time:

  • ​Commercial Structural (SIA, SIB, PEA, PEB and PEF)
  • Commercial Mechanical (MIA, MIB)
Search​ the license database by name, profession, or license number ​If you need to review your specialty code certifications.​ If you think one of your certifications is missing from our website, please contact us​.

How are the classes organized?

  • Each code change class is four hours and provides an overview of the changes in the 2017 specialty code. 
  • A class has been developed for each code – electrical, plumbing, and residential structural. The type and number of classes that you will need to complete depends on your active certifications.
  • Individuals must attend classes in person (no training is available online). Classes will be held in various locations across the state.
  • Each code change class cost $125. Fees must be paid at time of registration. Students receive free copies of all presentation materials when attending the class.
  • Completing required code change satisfies the continuing education requirement for certified building inspectors in Oregon.

How do I register?

  • Individuals will need to register and pay fees online.
  • Classes will be held in various locations across the state in October 2017 to April 2018. Please visit the list of scheduled classes​.​

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