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Notice: Specialized Electrical and Plumbing Inspector Courses

Due to concerns brought to the legislature through HB 2907, effective October 30, 2017, the Specialized Electrical and Plumbing Inspector Certification classes have been suspended. This action does not impact existing certification holders or for existing holders to maintain and renew their certification(s). At this time the division does not know when or if the program will be reinstated.

​The Specialized Electrical Inspector course explains the codes and processes for performing residential electrical inspections on non-complex commercial electrical installations covered by the Oregon Electrical Specialty Code. The course addresses the various components of electrical installations that are verified during the inspection process. The course is taught through interactive training between the instructor and students, specific questions and assigned research, a progress review, and final review. Students employed by a municipality* and who successfully complete the course will be issued an Oregon Specialized Electrical Inspector (SEI) certification.

* Those who currently work for a company that provides inspections and plan reviews for a city or county may take the course, but may not use the certification while employed by the company. Only city, county, and state employees may use a specialized certificate.

Prerequisite: You must have one year of experience as a residential electrical inspector to be accepted into this course. This prerequisite is waived if you received your residential certification from an Oregon Building Codes Division (BCD) inspector course.​​​

2017 Dates

  • None at this time


Two-hour sessions held twice a week for approximately ten weeks. 

Note: All students must attend class in person in Salem on the first day and the last day for the final exam.


Building Codes Division
1535 Edgewater St. NW, CR C
Salem, OR 97304
(or attend online via Adobe Connect)

$200 (includes certification fee)

Dennis Clark​

  • Course is typically limited to 30 students, but depending on jurisdictional need course size may be increased.​
  • Class is held twice a week in two-hour sessions.
  • Class will not be held on holidays and may be rescheduled during a holiday week.
  • Class may be attended online through our interactive Adobe Connect program or in person at BCD’s inspector training classroom in Salem.
  • Students attending class online are required to log into the classroom individually, as individual participation during class is required. This includes interacting in class discussions and answering questions posed by the instructor. Students who live or work together must be on their own computer during class.
  • A student that has more than four unexcused absences;(10% of course) will be asked to either withdraw or be unenrolled.​ Some exceptions apply. Contact training staff for more information on what absenses are considered excused.
  • Course work (i.e., assigned homework, lesson quizzes, mid-term, and final exam):
    • Course work must be submitted by the assigned due date.
    • Course work submitted after the due date will not be accepted unless an extension was requested and approved in writing. Employer-related matters will not be considered for extensions.
  • A cumulative score of 75 percent or higher on the final exam is required to pass course.
  • ​Students who do not pass the class will be given the opportunity to re-test by submitting an application request and $80 processing fee.Form will be provided upon request.​ A 30 day wait period is required before re-testing.
Students are required to purchase the materials listed below and have them available on the first day of class. Please be aware it can take up to three weeks for an order to arrive.​​
  • 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC)
  • Oregon Amendments (Table I-E​)
  • Ugly’s Electrical References
  • Electrical Black Book - Circuits, Formulae, Calculations and Electrical Tables
  • Calculator​
  • Code book vendors​​​
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