Minor labels

​​​Electrical minor label matrix

The electrical matrix​ outlines the different installations contractors are allowed to make within the scope of their licenses. The matrix is easiest way to determine if you are able to use a minor label on a job. The matrix lists the applicable electrical OAR 918-309-0210 & 0220

Electrical minor label FAQs​

An electrical contractor employing a properly licensed supervising electrician; the company must also have a valid Construction Contractors Board (CCB) license.​​

An electrical minor label may be used on a job site with existing permits if the work is within the scope of work permitted by the minor label rules and is done by a contractor who does not have an existing electrical permit for that job site.

A contractor may use only one minor label per project at a job site . Job site is defined as the address of the home, apartment or commercial building.

Contractors are allowed to perform a number of installations, but contractors may not use a minor label to perform any installations that are outside the scope of their licenses.​

Yes, because line voltage thermostats are not 100 VA or less. OAR 918-261​-0220 (3)(b)(c) allows up to five thermostats 100 VA or less on a minor label.​​​

100 VA or less, class 2 or 3 systems in one- and two-family dwellings.

No, OAR 918-309-0220 (1)(c). The rule is specific "Repair or replace damaged components of existing electrical equipment including services not to exceed 200 amps. A component of a piece of electrical equipment would be one element i.e., meter jaw, meter base hub, damaged conductor needing to be re-terminated, replace main breaker, replace buss and etc. 
(See OAR 918-309​-0040 (10) for reconnect)​​​​​

Yes, up to five under one label, limited to 120-240V. See OAR 918-309​-0220 (2)(f)​​

Yes. A contractor can take out a limited energy permit, restricted energy permit, or use a minor label. Commercial door openers must be permitted as they are more complicated and some use line voltage controls.​

The limitation of the number of receptacles on a circuit is based on the load characteristics and whether they are residential or commercial, not the type of permit used.​​

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