Minor labels

​​​Electrical minor labels

As of April 1, 2018 the scope of electrical minor labels​ has been changed.

Contractor licenses which can use electrical minor labels:

  • Electrical Contractor (C)
  • Limited Maintenance Specialty Contractor (LMS)
  • Limited Maintenance Specialty Contractor HVAC/R (LHR)
  • Restricted Energy Contractor (CRE)
  • Limited Energy Contractor (CLE)
  • Limited Renewable Energy Contractor (CLR)
  • Limited Pump Installation Specialty Contractor (CPI)

*If you do not have one of these licenses you will not be able to purchase electrical minor labels. Contact the licensing department​ to obtain a license.

Electrical minor label FAQs​

An electrical minor label may be used on a job site with existing permits if the work is within the scope of work permitted by the minor label rules and is done by a contractor who does not have an existing electrical permit for that job site.

A contractor may only use one minor label per project at a job site . Job site is defined as the address of the home, apartment or commercial building.

Contractors are allowed to perform a number of installations, but contractors may not use a minor label to perform any installations that is outside the scope of their licenses.​​​

Yes, within the scope of their licensing and training. When entering installation information online, leave the installers license field empty. Enter the full name of the apprentice and their apprentice information in the installers​ name field.

The limitation of the number of receptacles on a circuit is based on the load characteristics and whether they are residential or commercial, not the type of permit used.​​​