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A “lot” is made up of 10 labels. Contractors purchase minor labels in sets of 10. When 10 addresses are entered into the system, a lot is formed. This lot of 10 can consist of addresses of several jurisdictions. For example, one job could be in Portland, another in Bend, another in Salem, etc. One job will be randomly selected and sent to the respective jurisdiction for inspection. If an inspection is not possible on the label, it will be returned to the division and another from that lot of 10 will be requested. The same label will never be requested more than once. The division will go through the lot of 10 labels until one is inspected and passes. If none of the 10 can be inspected, the lot is closed.​ ​

Every Saturday at 4 a.m., the system checks for inspection requests. If your jurisdiction has a pending inspection and you have not logged in to the system in the past six days, you will receive an automated email notifying you that there is an inspection waiting for you. If you have logged in during the six days, the system will wait until the next Saturday to send you an email (unless, again, you have logged in). 

To view inspections, log in and click on View inspection status tracking report from the main menu. The status of the inspections will be BCD REQUESTED. If this status does not change within two months of the requested date, the inspection will be canceled and returned to the division. Three attempts to reach the homeowner/business to schedule an inspection are to be made within 30 days of receiving the inspection request. 

As soon as the label is being worked, the status should be changed from BCD REQUESTED to either WORK IN PROCESS or ASSIGNED TO INSPECTOR. Changing the status will prevent the label from being canceled and returned to the pool. The division reimburses jurisdictions $75 for PASS or FAIL inspections on a quarterly basis. If the homeowner/business cannot be reached to schedule an inspection the status should be changed to NO CONTACT. If the homeowner/business does not want, or cannot be available for an inspection, the status should be changed to OWNER DENIED. 

The COMMENT BOX on the inspection screen is the place to keep track of any phone calls or notes. Both the contractor and the division can view anything typed in the comment box. If a label should FAIL, the reason for the failure and the inspector’s name must be entered in the comment box. When a label is marked PASS or FAIL, a notification email is automatically sent to the contractor.​

The Minor Label Program is a PASS or FAIL program. When a label is marked PASS, the lot is closed. When a label is marked FAIL, the contractor is notified through an automated email. The reason for the failure must appear in the Comment Box. The contractor needs to know why the label failed, as the contractor has 10 days from the notice date to contact the division to contest the failure decision. If the contractor contests the failure, the contractor will be advised to contact the inspector to see if the inspector will reverse the decision (the reason for the inspector’s name appearing in the comment box). The division will hold the label for 30 days and then check with the jurisdiction to see if the inspector reversed the decision. 

OAR 918-100​-0060 states that if a label fails, the contractor has to make the corrections and pay your hourly reinspection fee. It is the contractor’s responsibility to schedule the reinspection. If the contractor does not contest the failure decision within 10 days, a different label from the same lot of 10 is selected for inspection. The division will go through the 10 labels until one is passed or all 10 have been attempted. How a failed label is resolved is between the contractor and the jurisdiction. The division pays only for the first inspection out of a lot of 10. If you are a second or third inspection after a failed label, you will receive the following message in the Comment Box: 

Please invoice the contractor directly for the inspection fee. BCD Minor Label Program will not reimburse your jurisdiction for this requested inspection; as a previous label from this lot of 10 failed (ELSXXXXXX).

The above message means that a previous label from the lot of 10 failed and the jurisdiction performing the inspection and failing the label received the $75 from the division. Now, a second label has been selected from this lot of 10, as the division must go through all of the labels until one passes. The contractor must pay the jurisdiction directly for this inspection. Your office would invoice the contractor for the $75 inspection fee. If the contractor does not pay this amount within your time frame, contact the division and we will contact the contractor and suspend his or her purchasing privileges until the $75 is paid.​

Once a label’s status is changed to NO CONTACT or OWNER DENIED, the label returns to the inspection queue. Another label from this lot could be sent out to another jurisdiction (or yours) on the same day; it depends on whether the minor labels administrator is working on inspections that day. If the label was accidentally marked one of these and needs to be changed to PASS/FAIL, immediately contact the minor labels administrator so we can stop another label from being sent out. Sometimes, there is a miscommunication between the inspector and the permit staff and the label was inspected, even though the notes do not reflect this. Contact the minor labels administrator as soon as possible to change the status.​ ​​