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Tips for People with Visual Impairment
Equipment and Appliances

Table of Contents
Equipment & Appliances
Family and Friends
Handling Finances
Personal Care
Preparing Meals
talking clock
Making phone calls
Large print phone number overlays are available at minimal cost for both your push button and dial phones. In addition, some phone sale outlets carry large print models. 
Most phone companies offer unlimited free directory assistance for visually impaired persons. To apply for this exemption from directory assistance charges, call your phone company. Some companies do not charge for the "Complete a Call" service when using it along with directory assistance.
Telling time

Talking clocks are available at many major stores including Radio Shack, Fred Meyer, Bi-Mart, and Sears. If you prefer to read the time, you can purchase a clock with large numbers or a braille watch. Another method for telling time is to buy an inexpensive alarm clock and pry the face off so that the clock hands may be read with your fingers.
Reading temperatures, scales, and other measuring devices

Talking thermometers scales, calculators, and other devices are available at many stores or through mail order catalogs.
Setting thermostats and appliance dials

You can mark thermostats and dials on stoves, washers, dryers, televisions, and other appliances by placing dots of silicone caulking or plastic on dial settings. The dial is set by matching one of these dots with a dot placed on the backboard above the dial at the "On" location. Place these dots at frequently used settings. These can be used as reference points to estimate other settings. If desired, use a color that contrasts with the appliance to enhance visibility.
Two products ideal for marking dials and other household equipment are silicone caulking, available at most hardware stores, and a product called Hi-Marks, which is available at many stores and at the OCB. Hi-Marks is a tube of soft plastic that hardens on application. It can be applied in dots or in raised print. The plastic is colored bright orange and can be read with either the eye or fingers.